Friday, 22 July 2016

Organic Balm Company // R.A.H Facial Serum


I love roller balls, I love skincare, so its a no brainer that I love applying The Organic Balm Company's R.A.H Facial Serum by rolling it all over my face. It is like a mini massage whilst applying this dry oil onto my face and my skin loves it!

I have noticed a huge difference when using this oil, my skin is very dry, even in summer. So adding this light weight dry oil under my moisturiser has been great. It sinks in, my skin is velvety to the touch and I feel plump all day. If i just want to be minimal with my skin care then it is a roll over Angela Langford's Angel eyes, you guest it, under my eyes and then a few extra swirls of the R.A.H Serum over my face, done.

The Organic Balm Company even have a perfectly fitting tag line for their fab facial serum, as they say it "helps restore skin back to its beautiful self again". I completely, whole-heartedly agree with them!

I honestly feel this serum calms and softens my skin, whilst giving it a subtle radiance. Because it is not a heavy or thick formula, I have never broken out. I have used this little roller ball for over 4 months and it is only just nearing the end. That is with applying it without fail every morning and evening. That is pretty good going for 10mls of product and at £24 pounds, I'd say that is pretty good value. It's a great price for a little bit of luxury.

I like my application to be quick and un-fussy, I love the the combination of Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Frankincense Oil. The oil it's self has a very gentle scent, which I prefer as heavy scent can give me a headache. I would say you can smell the argan and hemp a bit over the other oils. So it is very un-obtrusive in my opinion.

Here is what they say:

A powerful synergy of luxurious organic oils with exceptional anti-aging properties blended specifically to help promote cellular regeneration, rehydration and improve elasticity of mature skin. It can also be used to nourish small dry patches on the body. It contains our signature blend of Rosehip, Argan and Hemp seed oil with just a touch of Frankincense
Smooth Rollerball over cheek, brow and chin bone. With light circular movements, massage serum into skin with finger tips. Can be enjoyed morning and evening instead of moisturizer or as an enhancement to your daily beauty regimen.

*Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil *Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil Seed Oil *Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil  *Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil*Organic **Constituent of essential Oil

Have you got a favourite facial oil or serum? I'd love to know!
If you know of any other natural products that come in roller ball form, then please tell me!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Making the compromise for the life you want

In our life we will all have to make a constant stream of choices. Many of them are going to result in making compromises. I'm okay with compromise, especially since things a seeming to work out at the moment (dont worry I've touch a bit of wood, just in case). I have been finding it hard to find part time work in a corporate or office environment and to be honest I didn't really want to be working in that environment anymore, but I felt that was my only option.

I wrote a post about following my intuition and sticking to your guns , I'm not going to lie getting rejection after rejection was beginning to get me down and I just felt crap. Why was I also second in the running? Why wasn't I the strongest candidate, even though they said they liked me. So I have enough, I want to put myself first, that was why I had time off in the first place. So started to think outside the box.

At 30 some people might recoil at the thought of working in retail after a long break from it (no one should be a job snob anyway!). But not me, the job offers me the hours I need, I somehow managed to get out of working weekends and I can walk to work. So I'll be getting in some exercise before my shift has even started. Working part time will offer me some income to pay the bills and essentials, it means that I can exercise, it means that I then have time to focus on where I'm heading.

Right now I seem to be combining everyone of my interests, I'm studying Facial Rejuvenation Massage and loving it! (but trying to remember all the bones and muscles in the face is hard). I have recently started working freelance from home (THE DREAM) within the wellness publishing industry, which is what I have enjoyed in the past.....just not the long commute and stressful job role.

This has all been made possible my making the compromise and looking towards the end goal. I'm not letting the future over whelm me. I'm just make steps towards what I want. Do I want to work in a discount store for the rest of my life?short answer, no. But it is a means to an end and takes the financial stress away. It was also the only job interview where I wasn't asked about my time off, my hospital appointments and I didn't feel pressured into having to inform them that I've had cancer. Which is really refreshing in itself.

Compromise. It doesn't have to mean that you are getting the short straw in life. It can be the building blocks of how you can get to where you want to be!

So lets go for it!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask

The Hibiscus Face Mask by Balm Balm is one of the prettiest masks that I have had the pleasure of putting on my face. With it's wonderfully simple ingredient list of brown rice powder, rose geranium oil and ground hibiscus, it has become a firm favourite in my beauty cabinet.

The masks comes in powder form, in a cute little yellow 40g pot. I find that the powder form allows you to get many applications and you can really adjust how much of the mask you want to apply. I find there is less waste involved, compared to say a pre-made mask in a tube. Or is it just me who always ends up squeezing out way too much!

When combined with a liquid, the powder mask becomes a beautiful light pink paste.You can mix the powder with water or perhaps your favourite floral water, you can also experiment with mixing it with a tiny amount of oil to create a non drying mask. You will still get the benefits of the gentle exfoliation and brightening from the rice powder, it just makes it much more moisturising. I think its a great all in one mask. I have really gotten into using this mask because of how much you can customise it. Sometimes I want a drying mask, sometimes my skin needs something even gentler and a non setting mask does the trick.

I like to leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes, it removes easily adding to extra exfoliation when washed off. My skin always looks brighter and more refined. For me this really does the job and because I can customise it to my needs, it makes it a great item to have. Especially as I am trying to create a minimal, multi-functional skincare stash.

Priced at £9.50 makes this fab mask affordable for a repurchase and with a company like Balm Balm I know that I am getting great quality 100% organic ingredients..... what more could a girl want?!

What's you favourite mask of the moment? Do you have one that you find yourself always going back to?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

It's weight loss time

It is time to admit that I am not happy with my weight.
I have been annoying nearest and dearest, complaining and blaming it on Tamoxifen. Yes, it does make it harder to loose weight and puts my body into a state of believing it is older, a chemical menopause. My oestrogen cannot be used (so oestrogen cannot attach to breast cancer cells that may be floating around in my boobs) and this causes the side effects that I have been feeling.

For the first time I am able to admit that I have been fighting off what I can describe as falling into depressive state and I think that is the main cause of this has been the fatigue and the weight gain. I feel unattractive and also feel worried health wise. I need to loose the weight. Even being slightly over weight and having extra fat means that the tamoxifen has to work harder to limit the estrogen that is produced my the extra fat from interfering with what the medicine is doing.

It's only been a small while but I have found it extremely easy to fall into the cycle of letting myself be tired because I know that tamoxifen makes me feel tired. Being completely honest, I have got to the point where I don't know if I am know starting to self perpetuate the fatigue. Getting to the point that I just want to sleep and rest when I have not really done anything. I need this to stop

I'm hoping that by posting this I can push myself forward or maybe look back at this when I have not got off my arse and read this words and get a move on. I have been eating well, adding exercise has to be the answer.

I cant continue to hide behind the tamoxifen blame and not try to do something about it. Once I have tried to do something about it and look at the results, that is when I can say what are side effects and what I have been doing to myself.

So here goes;

Since last August 2015 I have gained over a stone and currently weigh 11.8 (while also holding my camera it's more like 11 stone, 7 pounds and 4 ounces but who is counting?!!). It is mainly all around my mid section and at 5ft7 I am just below having a high BMI and I can notice it. I'm not shaming anyone who weighs more or less than me. I just remember how I felt and looked a stone lighter. I was much happier all round and felt really good about myself. Maybe when I am feeling more confident I will post a full body pic, but don't hold your breath for it!

So, I need to up my exercise and continue with the healthy eating. I will try to document it the best I can. I want to do it slowly and make it sustainable. I'm also looking to find exercises that don't irritate my arm, after the operation everything is very tight and my pectoral muscle is still recovering from have a portion of it removed.

If anyone has any handy tips, favourite recipes or exercises, then please let me know!