Friday, 10 January 2014

A fresh start with a Wellbeing Journal

Everything always starts with good intentions and determination to maintain and achieve your goals. I often start running towards a goal with all guns blazing and end up losing sight of why I started. This is where a lovely Wellbeing Journal comes in, I got mine from Paperchase (I can't find it online now!). You can find similar ones here but you really could use any plain paged Journal you like and then set out your sections.
What caught my eye about this journal is that it has laid out some greats sections for you. If you’re like me and need a major kick up the bum, then this is awesome. So grab a cup of Tea and let’s get started!

What's in there:

A 30 day Food Journal:
 You can clearly write what you have had for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. This is great to start out with as a way of documenting (honestly please) what you are eating. You can then begin to see where you could introduce new foods/change what you are snacking on.

A 26 Week Exercise Log:
Jotting down what you have been doing for exercise is a great way of seeing how you are improving. Once you have found what works for you and how much time you have available you could also use that space to then schedule your exercise for the week ahead. I play Dance Star Party until I’m out of breathe in the evenings when I’m bored and it’s so much fun that I forget what time it is and keep doing it. I also like calming yoga stretches and I run, but I can only say that I’m a fair weather runner, not hard-core at all. Do what makes you feel invigorated and happy after you have finished.

A 52 Goal Chart:
Take note of anything you want to try. Seriously write anything down anything that intrigues you. I often think of something I’d like to try and then forget about until it’s too late to sign up to that jewellery making class, writers meeting or coffee hang out. Of course you can keep it in line with exercise and write down an achievable weight loss goal but for me that doesn’t work in the long run. I have not weighed myself in about 1.5 years (only when the doctor has too) and I feel much better for it. I’m not the thinnest and I’m okay with that because when I’m eating well and exercising for me and my wellbeing, I feel awesome. Try to establish goals that will take you further forward then the end of your weight loss goal.

A Recipe section:
This is a great place to scribble down yummy new recipes to feast on at a later date. Try experimenting with a vegetable, fruit or spice that you have not tried yet and keep going until you have a few new recipes that you really enjoy. Then you can share the love and make it for someone else!

An Inspiration station:
Use a section like this as jumping pad to another journal and feel with all the snippets of info, quotes and facts that interest you. Write down what inspires you ad cultivate it, doodle over it and trace out the outlines until you begin to see the bigger picture of what may be out there for you. Begin to believe that the possibilities out there are infinite, no matter how big or small they may seem. If it is your heart’s desire then you owe it to yourself to try.

Let me know if you have any tips for me!

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