Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Appreciate right now

At the moment i'm trying to find appreciation for the now, i'm trying to think what can I do right now that will benefit myself or others, or both!

What can you do right now to appreciate yourself, work with what you have. You don't have to spend a lot of money, or a lot of time if you don't have it. What can you do that may benefit the now, the moment you are in right now? It might be writing a letter, sending a quick text to a very missed friend,a quick half hour clean or a mani/pedi session. Do you have time to curl your hair? Could you help someone with a task they find difficult? Take a walk, listen to your favourite song. Read. However much time you have use it.

 "What will benefit yourself and others in the not so distant future?"

When you feel at a loss of what to do just do anything, whether it's the washing up, sorting your socks, even if you really just want to watch television always consider what will make now amazing. What will benefit yourself and others in the not so distant future.

When at work could you be a teeny bit more productive to make your day flow easier, for lunch could you prepare an amazing looking lunch that makes you happy and grateful. If you work near a friend pop by and say Hello, maybe drop them off a pre-made lunch or even a snack. It will make their day.

When I worked closer to friends I loved it when they randomly popped in and said "tonight, we are going out for dinner together". It was unexpected and it made it a real treat to spend quality time with them even if we were eating somewhere cheap. Don't put a price on time spent appreciating yourself and others. So what if you can't go to that fancy restaurant, or you don't think someone will like your gift because you don't have a large budget. As long as you have been thoughtful with your gift or the time spent with them it will show. You could even bake a cake and invite a friend over for tea.

Working with the now will then in turn make a difference in your future. Working with what you have in the present allows to appreciate what has flourished in the future.

I'm hoping to make more time for friends and family this year and make some great memories.

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