Friday, 31 January 2014

Bloom: Neal's Yard Mineral Foundation Review

When I decided to start swapping my make up for more natural alternatives, the face powder was on of the first items to change. I had been using a mineral powder by Elizabeth Arden which gave great finish but I felt that if I had chosen to buy a mineral foundation, shouldn't be made of the best possible ingredients?

First I headed to my local Bare Minerals counter and brought one of their beginners kits, at first I was won over by the product's coverage and finish. After about a week, I noticed some small bumps developing along my jaw line which became red and itchy. After a bit of research I found that many people had experienced similar problems and the likely culprit was Bismuth Oxychloride (BO). This had been used place of talc in the Bare Minerals foundation. It is a known skin irritant, as is talc. Unlike talc, the BO can cause further irritation when repeatedly buffed into the skin. The whole point of mineral foundation is that they can be buffed into the skin to for a seamless application.

My next purchase was the mineral foundation my Neal's Yard when it had been first released. At £22.50 it is in the same price range as Elizabeth Arden and Bare Minerals. The Neal's Yard powder does not contain talc, BO, parabens or silicones and it gives me buildable coverage. You also get tons of product which is a bonus. The only negative thing I would say is that the packaging does not prevent the powder from spilling when you open it. I wish there was a sliding compartment to dispense what you need. At the moment it is touch and go whether I spill it or not each time I open it.

I originally brought the shade medium cool, I found that as time went on that it wasn't my colour. So i went back the store and got the shade medium warm which is bang on exactly my shade. The powder has a smooth texture which is pleasant to buff into the skin. I wouldn't think it would give anything more than medium coverage (you have to layer to get that anyway). Most days, I just use concealer and this powder which gives a lovely finish. It also works great for setting liquid make up and gives extra coverage over my Ginvera BB Cream.

There is nourishing vitamin e, sweet almond and shea butter to moisturise and brighten the skin. White Tea has also be thrown in to calm and smooth, whilst preserving the skins collagen. It is a powder that gives you that little bit of extra to keep your skin tip top and a little make up confidence as it provides a semi matt finish.

It's a great foundation and I will keep using it but it wont stop me from trying other ones out there!


  1. Wow. Your review is brilliant. I too was won over by Bare Minerals and recently have been having red, sore and very dry skin on my jaw line. Some parts of my skins were broken too. I'm a big fan of Neals Yard and went for the medium warm and now having read your blog, I'm thrilled with my choice. Thank you.

  2. What a Fab review. I am really pleased to say that our packaging now has a sliding compartment so you no longer need worry about loosing any product when you take off the lid.
    Thank you.