Thursday, 16 January 2014

Why I Meditate


Some people are instantly put off by the idea of Meditation because they might think it out dated and unnecessary. What I’ve found is that it is a free tool for everyone to use in order to regain a grounded perspective.

Nowadays we are all too often consumed with what is going on around us, what other people are doing and comparing it to our own situation. We have gotten used to a fast pace of life that can often make you feel that you are being left behind. I can feel quite anxious for no apparent reason other than I’ve let the day get on top of me when it really didn’t need to get like that. 

Meditating can literally be a couple of deep breaths for a minute to bring you back into focus or you can go all out and do it for longer. Taking time out to listen to myself is great to clarify thoughts that may be flying around in my head. A misconception is that you have to be instantly still and quiet in your mind as soon as you close your eyes. This may not be the case, your thoughts will come to the surface for a bit at the beginning, listen to them while taking in long deep breaths and as you breathe out ask yourself what it is that’s bothering you. Trust your instinct; your gut is almost always right. 

Once you have gathered your thoughts is time to focus on your breathing, if you don’t like being in complete silence you don’t have to be. Put on some gentle music, there is plenty available online just search meditation music on YouTube and there are tons available. Guided meditation videos and C.D's with positive affirmations are also an option. 

You don’t have to be sat cross legged, although this can be super comfy. You can lie down, be sat in a chair or on your sofa. Whatever is comfortable and works for you is perfect.

Learn to love being in that moment with yourself, become comfortable being alone with yourself, being silent with no distractions. Over time I have noticed that even if I don’t do this every day, meditating has helped me gain a positive outlook. If certain situations become stressful I just take a few deep breaths and then carry on with what I’m doing. Sometimes the breathing is enough to remember the feeling of meditation and can ground you when needed.

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