Sunday, 26 January 2014

The First Yoga Class

Although I have been interested in Yoga for a while now, what I’ve learnt has been from DVDs and YouTube, so I decided that it was about time I get myself to a class. I wanted to get some personal interaction with an instructor to actually get a good yoga practice going. I also wanted someone to help me with my positioning. I really enjoyed it and was worth waiting an hour an half after work to go to it.

Here are some steps I used to prep myself for my first class:

Search for different classes in your area and find out what best suits your abilities. I made sure that my class took beginners because I didn't what to feel out of my depth and maybe forced to do something I couldn't. Which leads me onto....

Look for reviews on the instructor and check out where they have had their training. My instructor had been trained at a local Yoga Centre and has offered beginner Yoga classes for two years. 

 "Go with no expectations, learn what you are taught and see what you can do"

Everyone has heard a Yoga horror story. Hopefully this hasn't happened to millions of people but a work friend of mine said he hated Yoga, when I asked why I found out he had only been to one yoga class and wouldn't go back. Maybe he is a bit stubborn but all he thinks about now when he hears the word Yoga is being forced into a pose that he could not manage by an over zealous instructor who thought my work friend could do anything because he was a young athletic guy.

If the instructor doesn't ask you make sure they know if you have any injuries.

Introduce yourself when your arrive at the class. If you feel nervous just take control of the situation and make yourself feel more comfortable by making yourself known.

Don't feel like you have to have the most amazing workout gear for your first lesson. There are some truly amazing goodies when it comes to yoga clothes but you really are fine wearing leggings and a soft form fitting top for your first go. Then when you know your are in love with it you can treat yourself to some new work out gear for next time.

Ask if the instructor has spare mats and blocks prior to the class. They should do, but not always!

Go with no expectations, learn what you are taught and see what you can do. No one is going watch you like you think they will. They are all concentrating on their practice as well!

Lastly, make sure you are not going to an initiation for cult,.......... but that's another story for another time!

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