Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The power of Hello

With the intention of acting with kindness I have been more mindful of my interactions with others. I have not been false or made myself act differently than normal I've just been trying to be more welcoming and friendly.

With that said, it has been hard. For example; as I left my flat about head to work I noticed my neighbour who lives opposite me doing the same. So without thinking I said "Hello" and the neighbour just gave me a side glance and walked off, which was really awkward because we were going in the same direction.

 "for every set back there is a step forward"

The more I hurtle in to adult life the more I feel closed off from my peers. In the sense that we all complain about strangers being rude and being given the cold shoulder but when given an unexpected greeting or act of kindness we often treat it with suspicion. I have to admit I did initially think “what a moody w****r!” I tried to shrug off the unrequited hello during my walk to work but I guess I failed to do so, because I am writing about it now.

 But for every set back there is a step forward, a fellow walker to work who often walks past me in the morning gave me a smile so I chirped “Good Morning” and he replied with “Morning” in the same manor. It felt good to acknowledge someone who you regularly cross paths with. It’s not about making friends with everyone it’s just about making the most of a situation.

Will I say hello if I see the neighbour again? Yes, because I still want to show my positivity, I've just got to learn that you should not always expect it back.

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