Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Treating everyone with kindness

When out in Town recently I made the conscious decision to have a smile on my face and be friendly and warm to who ever I had interaction with. I had a few errands to do so I thought it would make my day happier rather then just mundane. Now I want to explain that I wasn’t grinning at everyone like a Cheshire Cat and greeting anyone who listen with “Hi, my name is Liz! I’m 27 and a Taurus”. No I was just giving anyone who looked at me a friendly smile of acknowledgement. Unless this unknowingly puts me instantly in the nutter category, I thought this would be a great opportunity to be more open, less shy.

Some people accepted this and returned the smile but most didn't. When making a purchase I made sure to say Hello, yes please and Thank You and I didn't get any kind of small conversation back, I wasn’t offered a bag or sent on my way with a Goodbye. I was surprised at how cold the service was, it was basically just having someone bark the amount you owe and that’s it. I found that quite off putting.

After deciding that I was going to be grateful for this day and wanted to be pleasant to everyone I met , this put me on a downer. But I shrugged it off and carried on to my next destination a party store, to pick up some surprise balloons for a friends birthday. I spotted them as soon as I entered the store and made a chirpy comment like “ oh, I think they may be for me” as I recognised the colours. Now I know from years and years of working in customer service that sometimes you are not always in the mood or have the time to offer amazing customer service to each individual, everyday. But I do feel that if you work in a store of any kind or with the public through any forum you should be prepared to at least say Hello and Goodbye in a pleasant manner.

When asking for the balloons the girl serving didn’t even look up when she said “ you can just take them then” she didn’t ask my name or make sure I was happy with the way they had turned out. With the aim of being positive I told her that they looked great, said Thank You, Goodbye and then went on my way.

As I made my through town, I smiled at passers by as I went and laughed at the fact that I was getting covered in glitter from the balloon. My coat shimmered in the winter sun and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed that I was walking along with a bunch a balloons in my hand and that they were a surprise for someone special. This lightened my heart and I didn't feel so bothered about not getting the response from others that I had previously imagined.

I have to remember that it isn't about the response I get in return, it's about treating others with kindness even when you don't get it back. You never know, you might make someone else's day just by giving them a smile.

After I dropped the balloons off at their destination, I fancied something different for lunch so I went to the market to see what was on offer. After I ordered my lunch I told the vendor how much I enjoyed his food when I used to work in the city centre. He took the time to say Thank You and asked what I used to get and that it was nice to hear for an old customer. Which made my day!

Always treat people with the kindness you wish to receive.

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