Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Me in Three Words

Sometimes we need to see what others see in us, it's not about indulging the ego. Its a way of seeing yourself in a new perspective. So I took the opportunity to ask about 10 friends who have known me individually for different lengths of time to describe me in 3 words. I chose to ask 10 people so that I wouldn't be too bothered if someone didn't want to do it and it meant that I wasn't waiting on one persons opinion.

Half of my friends obliged and this was the outcome.

Kind, generous and loving
Loving, cheerful and bright
Fun, thoughtful and sassy
Loving, clumsy and sunny
Lovely, friendly and kind 

I had already thought about it honestly and this is how I would describe myself in three words.


These aren't exactly positive words to describe ones self, especially if they were left alone. However, in conjunction with what my friends have said it all ends up being quite fitting and enlightening. Yes I am indecisive but that often means that I am easy going in social situations and am happy to go with the flow. Because I often over-think things I do put a lot of thought into what I do for my friends, so I am glad someone has recognised me as thoughtful. Being loyal is important to me and that can be reflected in being seen as kind, loving and bright. I can be quite stubborn when it comes to pulling myself out of bad moods and asking for help so its lovely to see that someone thinks of me as sassy and generous. I do make an effort to be generous with my time and attention towards others.

A funny one was clumsy and yes, I have been know to trip, fall and walk into things quite often.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Now ask a few people how they would describe you. I think you will be presently surprised.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Reaffirming Love

Often seeing your partner in a whole new light can reignite your feelings towards them and reaffirm why you are so attracted to them.

It is so easy to  become so caught up in the everyday routine, you bicker about who does the washing up, argue about who does more cleaning and who put the bin out last. All you see is someone so tired because they work so hard that they don't really want to chat when they come in at the end of a long day, instead they want to relax. I'm to blame as well, I often use the internet or the television as a way of escape. I'm not escaping my boyfriend, he is normally sat right next to me. I'm escaping an unfulfilling job and an uncertain future but while you try to escape reality, you are leaving someone behind who makes reality so great.

"reignite the spark"

We went to gig recently and I got to see my boyfriend in a whole new light, in a completely different environment. It was a Ska Punk gig, we both loved that genre of music growing up but had never gone to a concert like that together before. We also went with two mutual friends who again, we have regularly been out with socially but never to a concert. It was awesome to see them all enjoy themselves and have fun in a different setting. This is what escaping reality should be, it was being present in the momement  enjoying a special time with your friends and loved ones in different and exciting situations. It was great to let go of the daily grind and be surrounded by people experiencing the same thing.

Seeing my boyfriend truly letting go and forgetting about the hard work he has to do and his daily responsibilities to simply have fun and be young was truly an awakening eye opener. I've realised that I judge him too quickly on the now and not think of all the experiences we have shared. It is too easy to forget his interests outside of work, his great friends and his charismatic personality. Don't forget that someone is not just the job they moan about, or that they don't want to be tired or fed up either. Remember why you love them so much and work with each other to find opportunities and interest that will reignite your spark, whether it be with family, friends or your partner.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Be everything you want to be. Be everything you have to be

With all of the positive affirmations around on social media it is sometimes hard to keep focused on yourself and the life you live. Of course you want to "do what you love and love what you do" but sometimes we have to work in a job that isn't perfect. Sure I love to not let money be a factor but sometimes you have to make sure that you have food and shelter. At the beginning of my wellbeing journey I struggled with the comparisons I was making with the people or quotes I admired. They seemed to have it all sorted, time to have the life they want and the means to do it. They were living a vibrant life that seemed so out of reach. Because I have to sit at a desk and work for the man everyday, it made be feel like I couldn't be truly well. I was over thinking it.

So what if I can't afford to constantly travel the world, go to retreats and work in a trendy, great job and meet tons of like minded people. I have to work with what I have. What do I have? I have a job. Its not my dream job but it pays for me to eat well, go on trips and see friends. I can read books and go out. I have my health. I have my great friends who have stuck by me through everything and I would do anything for them. Sometimes it quality over quantity with that one!

I can take a new class or learn a new craft, for example I'm addicted to beauty tutorials, wholefood recipes and paper crafts of YouTube. My friends might not be interested in that but I can find things out there to relate to. I need to learn that I can do things on my own and it is okay to have other interests that other people may not be interested in and that doesn't make it any less important. If someone else is great at painting but you are just terrible, so what!  You can appreciate their talent and enjoy what they are doing. Don't be jealous about it, go out there and find something you enjoy and can become great at in your own right and in your own time. Alternatively if you are great at the same thing there is room for your unique talent as well. There is room for all of us to go out there and experience something. whether it be a small or big goal.

Be everything you want to be: A green smoothie addict, wellbeing enthusiast, meditator, make-up lover, music lover, bookworm, foodie.

Be everything you have to be: bill payer, employee, dishwasher, Sunday food shopper.

Do what you can with what you already have. Be grateful.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Be honest with yourself About food

I know that when I over indulge in yummy food that it won't be helping my body function to it's best ability. When I eat biscuits, crumpets and roast dinners I get an instant hit of "oh this is yummy, mmmmmm" but after about 20 minutes it is like lead in my tummy. The other problem is that I seem to forget the lethargic feeling and my next meal might be all about comfort eating as well. I'm not saying I don't like roast dinner or toad in the hole, I love them, I bloody love them.

I love pies, I love burgers but they all seem to act as a trigger or a gateway to eating a large amount of heavy food. I'm not saying I'll never eat these meals again , I've just got to keep focused on the fact that I feel so much lighter brighter and better  after eating, soups, salads, stirfrys etc.

"feelings will not disappear in a doughnut, there is no radical cure in that cupcake"

I am an emotional eater and often find myself wanting junk food when I'm upset, bored or stressed. I need to own up to this and to stop feeding myself crap just because I like crap. This is not taking care of myself. I need to look on those foods as very occasional treats and not the cure to my problems. You cannot eat your feelings. They will not disappear in a doughnut, there is no radical cure in that cupcake.

The healthier lighter foods also affect my mood, I feel prepared for the day and am often more positive in my attitude. Eating a healthy, nourishing diet is essential to taking care of yourself. I follow this about 85% of the time. I'm not saying it's bad to eat indulgent foods but when I eat them it isn't because I feel like I deserve a treat. It's not for a friends birthday or a rare special occasion and I'm not at a restaurant trying something new. I'm almost always eating unhealthy foods because I need an instant "ahhh that's better". If I want to eat something indulgent I want to because I'm enjoying a happy time etc, not because I'm eating my emotions.

It's all about balance, which is hard because I hardly have any figuratively or literally speaking!