Sunday, 2 February 2014

Be honest with yourself About food

I know that when I over indulge in yummy food that it won't be helping my body function to it's best ability. When I eat biscuits, crumpets and roast dinners I get an instant hit of "oh this is yummy, mmmmmm" but after about 20 minutes it is like lead in my tummy. The other problem is that I seem to forget the lethargic feeling and my next meal might be all about comfort eating as well. I'm not saying I don't like roast dinner or toad in the hole, I love them, I bloody love them.

I love pies, I love burgers but they all seem to act as a trigger or a gateway to eating a large amount of heavy food. I'm not saying I'll never eat these meals again , I've just got to keep focused on the fact that I feel so much lighter brighter and better  after eating, soups, salads, stirfrys etc.

"feelings will not disappear in a doughnut, there is no radical cure in that cupcake"

I am an emotional eater and often find myself wanting junk food when I'm upset, bored or stressed. I need to own up to this and to stop feeding myself crap just because I like crap. This is not taking care of myself. I need to look on those foods as very occasional treats and not the cure to my problems. You cannot eat your feelings. They will not disappear in a doughnut, there is no radical cure in that cupcake.

The healthier lighter foods also affect my mood, I feel prepared for the day and am often more positive in my attitude. Eating a healthy, nourishing diet is essential to taking care of yourself. I follow this about 85% of the time. I'm not saying it's bad to eat indulgent foods but when I eat them it isn't because I feel like I deserve a treat. It's not for a friends birthday or a rare special occasion and I'm not at a restaurant trying something new. I'm almost always eating unhealthy foods because I need an instant "ahhh that's better". If I want to eat something indulgent I want to because I'm enjoying a happy time etc, not because I'm eating my emotions.

It's all about balance, which is hard because I hardly have any figuratively or literally speaking!

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  1. A friend gave me some Thorntons chocs over the weekend as a thank you, I ate the first tray Saturday night and second yesterday, yesterday because I was bored and because they were there, groan :( ( note to self, don't open box of chocs when on own, I will eat them all on my own!!)