Monday, 17 February 2014

Going Green

This Tag was created by Rachel over at All Natural Aspirations, it's basically like a having a little nose to find out how some green beauty/lifestyle bloggers came to be green in todays world. I for one can be quite nosey so I think this is great! When I was tagged by Annie, who you can find at Hello Purple Clouds and Amy from Disguised By Zebras to do this post, I wasn't so sure if I should do it. I'm not sure if I would call myself a green beauty blogger as my focus has always been improving my self-love and wellbeing. But when I got thinking about it I felt that I really wanted to do it as I have/ am making changes in my beauty routine gradually. Just as becoming aware of what you put in your body is important, surely you should be aware and take responsibility for what you put on your body as well? This doesn't mean I wont ever use a conventional product again but I do love looking out for alternatives and like to educate myself on what I am using.

The wonderful thing about this tag is that it can include the newbies and the old hats who have enough knowledge to fill a library.

Here goes.

What Started it all off for you?
I have always been interested in all sorts of  natural alternatives and remedies but in the past I was not committed to making a complete change. When I really started to see the connection between what we put in our bodies and how it can affect us, I then started to think about what I was putting on my body.

What was the first thing to go (ingredient or product)?
The first ingredient was Lanolin when I found out what it was, it just didn't sit right with me. It took me a while to realise that normal shampoo's were too harsh for my scalp, so that was the first product to go.

What are you/did you struggle to let go off?
Make up, I have a lot of it. I've changed my face powder and have a few eye shadows and blush that are okay. But I cannot find a decent mascara that doesn't crumble or flake (I've tried a fair few) and don't get me started on liquid eyeliner!
I have decided that I'm not going to throw my mainstream products out, I'm going to use them up and try to find an alternative as I go. I would see it as a waste of my money if I just tipped it all in the bin. Maybe I would think differently if I had suffered from a lot of reactions but as I haven't I'm happy to continue using them as they are doing the job for now.

What has been your best find or change (i.e a green product or a tip that you are really glad you've found)?
I can't pick! I love using sweet almond oil or coconut oil for hair masks and make up removers and Oats can make a great gentle cleanser/ exfoliator.

What has been the worst thing about going green (what has been the hardest transistion or find an adequate replacement of)?
Deodorant, I'm still searching.  I've also found it hard having to justify myself when people question why I prefer natural products, especially when I do use conventional ones as well. I don't think it should bother anyone, it's just my preference.

Anything else to add (a tip or trick to pass on):
Don't purge everything unless you can truly afford to replace everything at once. You may make it harder for yourself if the job at hand is too large and a massive stress, it should be just as pleasurable shopping for green products as it is to shop for convential ones. Don't compare yourself to what other people are doing, they may have started their transition a long time before you or are lucky enough to have a bigger spending budget. They may also have different opinion thnn you about certain ingrediants that you are okay with using etc. Do you own research, make your own choices.

Lastly, buy a huge tub of coconut oil and never look back!

The Tag rules are:
  • Link back to the tag creator (Rachel)
  • Answer the questions in blog or video form.
  • Tag a few bloggers
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  1. Great tag! The deodorant thing is so hard! What's worse is that you can't really go off of other peoples recommendations because everyone's body chemistry is so different.

    I'm excited to do this tag :)

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed your answers xx

  2. Great post ! need to do it as well, good reminder! x

    1. Hello Audrey, have you done this post yet? I'd love to read it x