Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Me in Three Words

Sometimes we need to see what others see in us, it's not about indulging the ego. Its a way of seeing yourself in a new perspective. So I took the opportunity to ask about 10 friends who have known me individually for different lengths of time to describe me in 3 words. I chose to ask 10 people so that I wouldn't be too bothered if someone didn't want to do it and it meant that I wasn't waiting on one persons opinion.

Half of my friends obliged and this was the outcome.

Kind, generous and loving
Loving, cheerful and bright
Fun, thoughtful and sassy
Loving, clumsy and sunny
Lovely, friendly and kind 

I had already thought about it honestly and this is how I would describe myself in three words.


These aren't exactly positive words to describe ones self, especially if they were left alone. However, in conjunction with what my friends have said it all ends up being quite fitting and enlightening. Yes I am indecisive but that often means that I am easy going in social situations and am happy to go with the flow. Because I often over-think things I do put a lot of thought into what I do for my friends, so I am glad someone has recognised me as thoughtful. Being loyal is important to me and that can be reflected in being seen as kind, loving and bright. I can be quite stubborn when it comes to pulling myself out of bad moods and asking for help so its lovely to see that someone thinks of me as sassy and generous. I do make an effort to be generous with my time and attention towards others.

A funny one was clumsy and yes, I have been know to trip, fall and walk into things quite often.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Now ask a few people how they would describe you. I think you will be presently surprised.


  1. Love this! Those are such lovely things to say about you! Isn't it funny how we carry such negative images of ourselves? I've been covering for my manager whilst she's been off over the last two months - she came back yesterday and said (exact words), 'You've done so well, you're truly brilliant and so conscientious!' - I said, 'Oh, well... I guess the place is still standing...'. Lol! Reading your post, I now realise that I should have just said, 'thank you!' :D xx

    1. We are all too humble to accept a compliment. It's so hard because nobody wants to look arrogant but being able to accept praise is a great thing to work on! x