Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Reaffirming Love

Often seeing your partner in a whole new light can reignite your feelings towards them and reaffirm why you are so attracted to them.

It is so easy to  become so caught up in the everyday routine, you bicker about who does the washing up, argue about who does more cleaning and who put the bin out last. All you see is someone so tired because they work so hard that they don't really want to chat when they come in at the end of a long day, instead they want to relax. I'm to blame as well, I often use the internet or the television as a way of escape. I'm not escaping my boyfriend, he is normally sat right next to me. I'm escaping an unfulfilling job and an uncertain future but while you try to escape reality, you are leaving someone behind who makes reality so great.

"reignite the spark"

We went to gig recently and I got to see my boyfriend in a whole new light, in a completely different environment. It was a Ska Punk gig, we both loved that genre of music growing up but had never gone to a concert like that together before. We also went with two mutual friends who again, we have regularly been out with socially but never to a concert. It was awesome to see them all enjoy themselves and have fun in a different setting. This is what escaping reality should be, it was being present in the momement  enjoying a special time with your friends and loved ones in different and exciting situations. It was great to let go of the daily grind and be surrounded by people experiencing the same thing.

Seeing my boyfriend truly letting go and forgetting about the hard work he has to do and his daily responsibilities to simply have fun and be young was truly an awakening eye opener. I've realised that I judge him too quickly on the now and not think of all the experiences we have shared. It is too easy to forget his interests outside of work, his great friends and his charismatic personality. Don't forget that someone is not just the job they moan about, or that they don't want to be tired or fed up either. Remember why you love them so much and work with each other to find opportunities and interest that will reignite your spark, whether it be with family, friends or your partner.


  1. Great post. I agree it is so easy to get caught up in daily routines and forget to make the effort with each other x

  2. Wonderful post, always something that we nee to be mindful of. Thank you xx