Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What wellbeing means to me

 Personal wellbeing can mean so many things. Here is what I often ask myself to keep myself on track.

 Are you comfortable in yourself?
What I mean by this is, am I comfortable with myself as a person? As I get older I am getting better at  appreciating myself more as a whole. It is a work in progress.

Do you honestly know that you are doing my best or are you just plodding along?
For a while I can honestly say that for a few years i was just plodding along and it just came to a point where i had to stand up to the fact that I wasn't making myself a priority and I wasn't investing any time in my interests. I have been working on implementing small changes, a few at a time so it isn't overwhelming.

Do you enjoy your work or at least have a work life balance to counteract the bore of work with a fun hobby or creative outlet?
I don't have the most interesting job but it does pay the bills and that is important. To balance that out, I love to read and study what I am interested in. I'm attending yoga classes and writing this blog as a creative outlet.

 Do you make time for yourself? 
I'm not great scheduling time for myself / spending time with the boyfriend during work nights. I often become engrossed in some article or something on telly. I really need to cut the television time and start taking care of myself, partner and home.

Have you made enough time to spend with family and friends?
This can be a struggle, everyone has their own lives and schedule so it can be difficult to get the time in. I do make sure I send emails and texts if I feel I've been lacking and often follow that up with a phone call. I'd say I do see friends who live near by but I know I don't get to see friends who live further afield enough.

Are your brave enough to make new friends?
I can be really shy, I will happily chat to people I don't know but that is normally in a group of other people. I'm also not great on ask a friend "out" for a coffee etc. I need to put myself out there a bit more, which is scary.

Are you eating nourishing meals that make you zing from the inside and help your body to work to its full potential?
I love to cook and I really enjoy browsing recipies and cooking from scratch. However, there are days when I come home from work and really hate the idea of cooking and just want something quick. Which is normally something egg based. Which is fine, but not great. This is something I need to work on.

Are you letting yourself have a few treats along the way?
Yes, maybe too many treats at the weekends. I'm really good at controlling my snacking on weekdays and I think that is because the working week has a lot more structure to it then my weekends. I shall look into a way of implementing a "loose Structure" and maybe that will help me snack less.

Are you letting yourself down by allowing the fear of another person's judgement stop you from trying something different that you may love?
I am working on this, i'm doing my own research and looking into topics that excite me. I'm often worried about how people with perceive me after learning about what i'm interested in. I've come to realise that there is nothing wrong with having different interests and hobbies. If someone asks me what i have been doing i tell them, if someone asks why i don't eat gluten i tell them, why are you interested in nutrition etc... i just tell them. I take on what they have to say and move on to the next conversation. Sometimes it even sparks a new topic on health and wellness because I have shown an interest.

Do you understand the  value of money and have control over your spending?
I can be really careful and conscious of my spending and then blow it by spending too much on unnecessary items. I'm starting to cut back on my spending and have not bought clothes recently and have been more mindful of why I am feeling the need to spend.

For me being well is all of these things and more. I certainly have not mastered keeping on top of all of these things at once but it is a process that is keeping me aware of myself and helping me to gradually build a better life for myself that is purely from my imagination. Sticking to a few easy goals makes all the difference.

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