Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hold On

Hold on when there is a fear of falling
Hold on when it's tough
Hold on when you feel alone
Hold on to what you know
Hold on to your dreams
Hold on to love
Hold on when the tears are heavy
Hold on to the journey ahead
Hold on to the excitement
Hold on to experience
Hold on to the ups and downs
Hold on to the roller-coaster
Hold on to life

I have to constantly tell myself to hold on to what ever I can when I'm having a tough day. It can be so hard to see past the days that are filled with doubt and worry, stress and tears but it will get better one day. That day may come sooner then you think or it might take awhile. When I start to think indulgently about how crap life is at present, I really try to manage my feelings and remind myself of what I've got. And I've got a lot.

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