Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Project Pan: How Much Is Too Much?

To truly put it into perspective how many products I had collected over the years I thought I should put it in a list for all to see.

Make up Hoarding List:
Blusher 17
Eyebrows products 3
Lip liners 4
Single Eyeshadows 22
Small Eyeshadow palettes 9
Large Eye Shadow palettes 4
Concealer 8
Bronzer 8
Mascara 8
Setting Powder 2
Lip products 25
Eye Pencils 18/ 5 black
Liquid/Gel liners 3
Primers 2
Highlighters/Illuminaters 2
BB Cream/Foundations 3

That is 138 products!

I couldn't believe it, I was honestly astonished by the amount I had around me. Even though I felt guilty about it I tried to push that feeling aside and deal with what was at hand. I decided to give some away products that were still in good condition and I did throw out some that were old or broken beyond repair.

I'm now estimate that I have around 90 products (which is still a lot).

From now on I am going to work through the lot and use up as much as possible. I will only buy what I need during this time. For example I'm allowed to buy foundation if that runs out etc.

Wish me luck!

(if you want to read the first part of my Project Pan click here.)


  1. Wow thats a lot! Well done for giving loads away, I'm a bit of a hoarder and like to keep stuff even though I know it won't get used aha! Since transitioning to green skincare I've thrown loads of my old chemical filled stuff away! Still have my Naked palette though....that'll take a while to get through that haha!

  2. As I am getting more fed up of the clutter I can tell that I am getting better at not buying more products. I really want to use them up. Although I am being honest when I say that I'm in love with my naked palettes. The first one more than the others. It is great to know that there are natural alternatives, although I wish they were pressed eyeshadows!