Saturday, 1 March 2014

Project Pan: Recovering Make Up Hoarder

In a moment of pure cleaning craziness I set my sights on my make up drawer. I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of products I had amassed over the years. This is coming from someone who only properly got into buying multiple products at University and has a Mother who only owns about five items of make-up. To top it off I don't even wear makeup when I am at work (because I like my sleep in the mornings more than my face apparently). So all this make-up is pretty much reserved for nights out and weekends.

 "After the initial rush of consumerist glee the product that I had so desperately needed got put in a drawer and forgotten about"

I love make-up and thanks to having a make-up artist as a friend, I've gotten pretty good at applying it (even if I do say so myself!) and have cultivated a heavy addiction to eye-shadows and eyeliner along the way. When I first discovered  beauty videos on YouTube, I was so excited to have found a way of finding out about new products and get tips on how to use different things. My buying soon escalated and if I am really honest I know that when I was unhappy or bored on a lunch break I would go into Boots and see what the make-up isles had to offer as a pick me up. After the initial rush of consumerist glee the product that I had so desperately needed got put in a drawer and forgotten about.

I have had a major clear out of unwanted or out of date makeup and I am now left with a huge stash that is still in good condition, most of it I have purchased myself but some items in there where gifts. When the Boyfriend discovered me sat on the bedroom floor surrounded by my sorting efforts, he didn't seem too bothered about the amount I had around me. I told him that I felt really bad about being so wasteful (with my money) to which he replied "but you love make-up, it's like a hobby for you".

It was so lovely that he understood but he then said "I guess that's where all your money goes though". I had already been thinking it and the fact it is that it is true. I hardly buy clothes because I have a uniform for work and my only other expenditures are food and amenities, eating out and the occasional cinema trips.

 "I need to become less attached to inanimate objects!"

This year I want to save as much as possible for when we start looking for a house and I also want to get my spending habits in check. As I am starting to swap natural products for my commercial counterparts I came to a dilemma. Do I throw this make-up away or carry on using it? I can definitely gift some items but I've decided to I keep my Mac, Urban Decay etc, with the aim of making it a lifestyle change and not chore, I have chosen to not be too hard on myself as I do still enjoy using it and have not had a reaction with what I'm using at the moment. I am not going to simply throw it away because I would see that as chucking my money down the drain.

When I heard of product pan I thought it was great idea. I can be really precious about "saving" things for best and although it is nice to keep things, I also know that I need to become less attached to inanimate objects!

So my Project Pan will go something like this. I will assess all my make up and sort out what seriously needs to go and what I can use up. I am then going to use up my conventional products and in their place look for natural, cruelty free alternatives. In a perfect world I would have a skincare and make up stash that is completely natural and cruelty free. At the moment my emphasis is going to be getting a natural skincare regime going. With make-up, I will look for natural products but if I feel a cruelty free item (that isn't as natural) performs better or catches my eye then I will use that as well.

I already know that a lot of my items are not cruelty free and will carry on using the items I have but will not repurchase. The hardest part of it all is that I love my Urban Decay palettes and I really don't want to give them up. I just don't see them as cruelty free anymore since they are know owned by L'oreal.

We will see how it goes. I'd like to state that I don't class myself as a beauty blogger, I just want to become more minimalist with a beauty and make-up collection, hopefully made up of good quality products.


  1. I did this 2 months ago :-) felt so liberating. Amazing how much money we as consumers waste. But not anymore. Good luck xx

    1. Thank You, it was a bit of a shock to put it all in one place and assess the situation. If I'm honest I've been having trouble letting go of stuff that I know is old. which is so silly! I'm hoping to gift some stuff to friends as well x

  2. Way to go! I too just had that moment where I realized the sheer amount of stuff I have collected. Time for project pan! xo Kelly