Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Avocado face mask

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with the left overs of your beloved avocado?
How about put it on your face?

Avocado is extremely nourishing and a teaspoon of the green stuff is enough for a quick face mask. I'll show you how I make mine below, remember that you can try it with a variety of base oils and essential oils. Mix it up according to your skin needs.

What I used:

One teaspoon of Avocado:
Some of the Benefits: Avocado is a known natural moisturiser, it also contains vitamin A which gently exfoliates the skin.
Two drops of Tea Tree Oil:
Some of the Benefits: Tea Tree is naturally anti fungal, it helps reduce the redness of outbreaks. It can be drying so I wouldn't put it all over my face neat, however it can be used neat as a spot treatment on small areas on the skin.
Two teaspoons of organic sweet almond oil:
Some of the Benefits: Almond oil contains vitamins A, B and E, these can help to improve your complexion giving it a lovely glow. The oil is great at giving an extra boost of moisture to dry skin. I love Almond oil, it is great for hair, skin and nails! Get some!

What I did:

Step One: Don't throw your avocado skins away and have a mini pamper party
Step Two: Remove what avocado you can from the skins and add it to a small bowl.
Step Three: Mix the avocado with the base oil and essential oil of your choice.
Step Four: Marvel at your green monster face for at least ten minutes to reap some great benefits. Keep it on for as long as you like.

After 20 minutes I washed the mask off with warm water and was left with plump, soft feeling skin. Yes I could have just used the almond oil, but where's the fun in that!


  1. Great simple recipe! If only I can have leftover avocado - my husband just licks away all that remains on the skin!

  2. Lovely mask Liz, avos are just the best food ever. I could live on them! x

    1. I have an addiction with avocado. I have not had one for two days but there is one waiting for at home and it is going to be delicious!

  3. Ahah nice!
    Avocado is a bit too rich for my skin type.

    1. Sometimes I just use almond oil for a really quick mask. My skin can be quite dry so the occasional avocado is okay. Plus is was fun to be covered in slime for a bit! xx

  4. Love the photo! I've never tried avocado....bad I know as they're so good for you but I'm not keen on guacamole so I don't think I'll be a fan! I would definitely try it as a face mask though I love a bit of DIY :) xx

    1. Haha thank you! I love avo mashed with a bit of sea salt on toast. It's creamy in smoothies and tastes awesome with chilli tuna on rice cakes. But hey, we can't all like the same things. That would be boring! xx