Friday, 4 April 2014

Dr Bronner's haul and review

Dr Bronner's is a staple in many green homes. I was excited to try not just the castile soap but also test out what else they had to offer. I brought this lot back in January and I have gotten good use out of all the products.

Here's what I brought:
Dr Bronner's Organic Shaving Gel in Lemongrass Lime 208ml £7.29
Dr Bronner's Organic  Hair Creme in Peppermint 178ml £7.99
Dr Bronner's Organic Shikakai Conditioning Hair Rinse in Citrus 236ml £8.99
Dr Bronner's Organic Liquid Castile Soap in Almond 237ml £5.49
Dr Bronner's Organic Lip Balm in Lemon Lime 4g £2.69

The shaving gel has a thick consistency and brownish orange in colour. I can smell the lemon grass scent and really enjoy using it. It doesn't foam up but I have found it works best if your leg is slightly damp and then the gel is massaged into the skin. This creates a soapy like film, resulting in a easy shave. My legs feel soft and smooth after using it. What more could you want?

I didn't get on too well with the hair creme at first. I use a full pump on my hair whilst is was damp before blow drying and it did not work for me. The creme didn't dry into my hair, leaving my hair looking unwashed. It wasn't pretty.
 Next time I used half a pump on almost dried hair and it worked a treat. I really rubbed it into my hands before I worked it through my hair. I put it on my mid lengths, concentrating on the ends. I personally wouldn't put this on my roots, I have fine hair and I don't think it would do me any favors. When you figure out how to use this on your hair, it is great value for money, considering how much product you get. It has also worked well separating day old curls and other styles that need refreshing.

The conditioning hair rinse is interesting. The scent is very strong, it is a mix of orange and strong herbs and to be honest I have not gotten used to it. Used as a rinse was difficult, I was never sure if I had managed to distribute it evenly. I found that dipping the ends of my hair in the premixed solution (you have to mix a cap of the rinse with water in cup) worked really well. The rinse is soaked up by the dry areas of hair and rinses out easily leaving lovely conditioned hair (with no weird smell!). I have been using this in place of a hair mask.

Next the cult classic castile liquid soap. The Almond scent reminds me of amaretto, I like it but I'm glad that it only lasts while in the shower. This alternative to shower gel leaves you squeaky clean and  refreshed, I can't wait to try more scents. The uses for this soap are endless and I can easily see this being a staple from now on.

I have to tell you that at first sniff I absolutely HATED this lip balm. Normally I love anything lemon and lime, I feel that this scent is more hemp then anything else. Either way this is a great lip balm and I have got used to the smell, I now enjoy it! It leaves my lips soft and moisturised, which is what I brought it for.

In all it was a successful shopping gamble and I have found some products that I will definitely purchase again.


  1. Nice haul Liz. I haven't tried the hair products but I love Dr B's lemon and lime lip balm - as you said, it does take a bit of getting used to the scent! x

  2. I've mostly just used their castile soap, but I've been curious about the rest of the line, so this is great :) I did try their unflavored lip balm once and felt the same about the smell. Sorry to hear that it carries over to the flavored ones as well!

  3. I'm not sure if it's just me but I notice a hidden scent in the soaps? Smells weird to me! I've only used the Rose one though so it might just be that, I'll have to try some other scents! The almond does sound lovely!