Monday, 21 April 2014

How much are you worth?

I'm not talking about money
I don't mean how much do you earn
I really don't need to know how much you spend
I don't care what designer goods you have
I am not bothered by how many holidays you go on

All I want to know is:
How much do you value yourself?
What is your own worth?
How do you want to spend your time?

In this world, there are undoubtedly countless opportunities at every turn to compare yourself to others, downgrade your achievements and sabotage your future. Why do we all do this?

I used to be like this and honestly I'm still working on how to avoid my own avoidance techniques. I believe that by staying present in your life, you can become happy with what you have and where you are in your life. This happiness adds value to your life.

But what if you do want more? That's fine, you are allowed to strive for more. Just don't make it hard on yourself when you want to try new things. If you want to read that book go for it, make the time to do it. If you want to go to that new age yoga class that your friends might not understand, who cares, go on your own and see what it is like.
It doesn't matter if you end up hating the new things you have tried. At least you have let yourself go within the experience and gone with your own instincts. You have valued your time enough to do something different.

I think once you do start valuing yourself, it doesn't matter how you compare to others. Because you know your own worth.

Procrastinating is an art form that I am a master of. I can tell myself that I am going to do something productive, then something on the television comes on and bang....... two hours have gone. In that time, I could have exercised, tried out a new recipe, meditated, called a friend or studied a new interest.

The point I am making is that once you start to value yourself as your most prized possession (not in an egotistical annoying way). How you spend your time will become more important, how you take care of yourself will be more important, how you nourish your body and soul will be, you guessed it, more important!

Love yourself. Value yourself. You are important. Your time is precious.

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