Thursday, 10 April 2014

Materialism and wellbeing: When you stop wanting more.

Once I truly started to focus on my wellbeing I noticed that I was becoming less and less interested in constantly shopping. Sure, I still indulge in the odd internet shop, I am only human after all. But, I am buying less and needing less. I want less. I am becoming better at distinguishing between need and want.

I still go out shopping and make purchases. I will always be a consumer to an extent, but as I am becoming more focused on what I was unhappy with in the past, I know the solution isn't always shopping. Now that I am starting to build my self worth inward and not build on it externally, becoming less reliant on material objects, I am feeling so much better.

"When I dress for myself, I buy less because I am happier with my purchases that I make in the first place"

This may not be a problem for everyone, but I know that a few years back I was spending a lot on stuff I didn't need. I was hoping that it would make me feel better. I was lying to myself. convincing myself that a void would be filled and life would be great. For me at least, it doesn't work that way. I don't feel complete if I'm wearing designer 100 pound Jeans. I don't feel like I fit in any more or any less then I have done if I'm wearing the on trend make up of the moment.

Once I let the worry go and I was wanting to find other interests, I didn't need to go out shopping as much. When I say Interests I mean I've been working on finding a purpose within myself. I want to develop my self worth and confidence without all the material goods. Without all the stuff. Because the stuff wasn't working. The stuff is now clutter and it then becomes baggage.

I'm being honest here, I used to dress to please boyfriends, I tried to emulate their image. I tried to guess how they might like their girlfriend to dress. I would find myself dressing to what was popular with the crowd I was hanging out with. Of course growing up is all about experimenting and mostly I think I enjoyed it. However, I never gave myself a chance to focus on my own taste and style. Which has essentially evolved into a mish mash of all sorts and that's okay.

I no longer care what people think of my outfit, because I dress for myself. When I dress for myself, I buy less because I am happier with my purchases that I make in the first place. I am not loosing interest in the items I'm buying, because it's coming from me and not based on someone's opinion.

This all makes me sound like a little lost sheep and maybe I was in a way. Now, I am focusing on who I am and I like what I see.


  1. Liz, I love this! Good for you :-) I think it's a natural process though, once you start noticing your inner being, the material world really does mean less and less. Great post xx

  2. This is a really inspiring post and i think a lot of people will benefit from this :) I'm glad you've found your self worth, because you are worth it! I also really like the quote that you highlighted as well :) thank you for sharing x
    | Life as a Petite |

  3. Fantastic post again, Liz, thank you x

  4. I love reading your inspiring posts! This is so true for many people I think! When I used to go out to town I would wear short dresses & heels to look good and now I realise I don't need to do that because I just need to dress for me! I'm happy that you've found your happy self :) xx

  5. Working next door to a small shopping centre, as I do, can be fatal. Stressy morning at work, get buzz from buying yourself something to make you feel better. Of course, you're right, it all becomes baggage in the end, and baggage I forget I have got!!

    Dressing for yourself, which I am much better at now, I agree too, means you have found your happy self, my favourites are my jeans and a pretty top and jacket combo. Xoxo ��