Saturday, 19 April 2014

Project Pan: Letting go of the old

Okay it's confession time
I have thrown out a few more items of make up because when I began to organise it, I knew that I was looking at old make up that needed to go.

Why is it so hard to let go of what you don't need and don't use?

For me it's because I know I've spent money on it or I know it was a present. For example my first ever Urban Decay palette has been kept at the back on my drawer for about 8 years and no I haven't used it but it means something to me okay!

 "it was the first piece of makeup that I felt really suited me"

The purple velvet has darkened with wear, the chain-male decoration on the front has wrinkled and the mirror inside smashed along time ago. The only colours that got used regularly where the gold and bronze brown (a sign of things to come). What it holds now are memories of nights out. Of batting eyelashes whilst looking at a boy you are interested in. Drum and Bass nights with my friends and the first girly nights out with people would turned into my best friends.

It was the first make up item I begged my Mum to get me for Christmas and it was also the first bit of makeup I didn't buy myself. That palette was lent out the friends whilst getting ready for nights out and gave me so much confidence, it was the first piece of makeup that I felt really suited me.

There were products in my make-up drawer that I used to wear so religiously, that they seem to have become a part of my past.They are the remnants of different stages in my life. They are the only bit of tangible reality left, the rest of my memories are paused in pictures for all to see on Facebook, or de-tagged pictures that remain hidden on my desktop that I look back on a think "what was I thinking?" But then that's all part of the fun.

Make up is fun and I enjoy it, but the time has come to stopped devouring everything I see in the make up isles and learn how to use what I've already got (that's still in date!) and learn to tell myself "NO, you do not need seven mascara's and seven different types of green or purple eyeshadow.

Although no matter how much I want to de-clutter my stash, I can never have too many bronze and gold shadows, Right?


  1. I used to have trouble letting go of some makeup products too. I had this beautiful Estee Lauder blush that I hardly ever used (just didn't look that good on my skin tone!). But after finding out that old makeup can damage your skin + cause a reaction..I've had no problem letting go!

    1. I've not been using it, just being a wimp for not letting it go! I also head on to a VS eyeshadow quad from my first trip to America for longer then needed. That's gone now too! x

  2. It's funny what we cling on to, I'm not a makeup girlie but there are other things I have in my life which should probably head to the bin :-)

    1. I'm sure there is more in my flat that could go! to be continued.....

  3. I held on to lots of old make up until a couple of months ago, my make up bag was really grubby on the inside and I knew it was because of the old stuff stashed at the bottom, so I took a deep breath and took out what I use every day, tipped the rest in the rubbish, washed the bag out, done!! Trouble is I never know how long I have kept things, months turn into years for me! �� xx