Monday, 19 May 2014

Birthday Vegan Eats

I'm not vegan, but I have a major dairy intolerance so sometimes it's really nice to go eat out at a restaurant where I'm not seen as the difficult one for asking for the special diet menu or when I double check that there is no dairy in that's happened people! So for my birthday last month I headed to a little vegetarian restaurant tucked away in the back streets of town. First I had the Moroccan soup, tasty but not photo worthy and then came the treat. A slice or birthday heaven (that I shared with my Mum because I'm nice like that!).

Behold the tofu cheesecake of dreams!

This was light in texture, not too sweet and the raspberry was perfectly complemented by some delicate rose water. I'm glad that I shared it as the rose water did become slightly too "perfumey" towards the end. Other then that (which isn't really a complaint) it was delicious. They also have a chocolate orange cheesecake on offer, I'm already planning my next trip back for that one!

As dusk turned into evening, it was time for my birthday dinner. Keeping the vegan thing rolling I had deliberately booked Pizza Express in order to try their new pizza. Which so it happens, to be dairy free.

The Pianta, as described by Pizza Express:

Spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichoke on a spicy arrabbiata base, finished with rocket and extra virgin olive oil (no cheese)

When it says spicy, (for me at least) it was spicy. It had a medium heat which built up as you ate it. It was very tasty but for my taste, I think it needed more of the toppings and less of the rocket that came piled on top. And that is saying something because I love spinach! I would try it again, although I have had nicer pizzas when I have simply said "hold the cheese". Either way it's great to start seeing proper vegan options in mainstream restaurants.
High fives all round!


  1. Mmm, the cheesecake looks good! I've never actually tried tofu cheesecake, so I'd be interested to see how it compares to the "regular" stuff. The pizza does look like it could be rocket-heavy, but I love Pizza Express pizzas... was it dry at all without the cheese? x

  2. That cheesecake has inspired me to try and make one myself!, it was that good. it wasn't a total dupe but it was delish in it's own right! The pizza was topped with enough sauce, so it wasn't dry, I did think the chef could have been slightly more generous with the artichoke etc! I often order regular pizza without the cheese, I don't find it too dry and find it is still tasty as long as i pick strong flavored topping.

  3. Oh my, oh my - that cheesecake looks deeelicious. Glad you had a lovely birthday meal x

    1. it was indeed delicious! I need to recreate. Somehow! How I have not talent in baking.