Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Being Honest

Being honest is really hard. It can also get you into trouble. Especially if you end up telling someone something they really didn't like hearing. Sometimes you have speak to a loved one and tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

There will be times when we have to broach a subject that causes tension and will lead to several other tense discussions. Tension can lead to misunderstanding and negative assumptions, but more importantly it can often lead to rectifying something gone wrong, it can solve problems and enrich relationships.

Taking the step into becoming more honest and open with yourself and others is scary. This doesn't mean that being honest gives you permission to go around moaning all the time. Just because your being honest when someone asks how you are, so you tell them exactly how you feel, because you are having a completely shit day. Making that person feel uncomfortable by telling them how shit your life is at present.

Instead, I would explain why you have had a bad day in a short conversation and then ask how they are, what have they been up. Then maybe suggest what you would like to do with them to cheer up. Maybe go for walk, get a coffee. You can make sure that you are on the same wave length with those around by being politely honest.

Sometimes someone will ask for my "honest opinion" and that is exactly what they will get. I don't shove it down their throats or be unreasonable with my opinions and I try not to offend anyone with my words. But, if someone asks  me to be honest, I would hope that they wouldn't be shocked when that's what they get.

Take actions in your honesty. Don't use it as an excuse to wallow and never take it as an opportunity to gloat.

It is a chance to be yourself and begin engage with those around you properly. Creating sustainable and authentic relationships.

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  1. Working in a shop, I quite often get people coming in telling me (moaning!) about their day and I just feel awkward and don't really know what to say aha! I like being honest, I think thats one of the things my friends would describe me as, I just tell it how it is (most of the time, I don't want to get myself into trouble haha!)