Monday, 2 June 2014

Cherry Blossom Tree

A blossom tree of any kind, is my absolute favourite. It's dusty pastel pink flowers dance in the wind on their delicate branches, a blossom tree always makes me smile when I see one.

Cherry blossoms are connected to Japanese folk lore, they are often seen as a symbol of reproduction and new life.
The Japanese cherry blossom is interpreted as 'transient of life'. This is because the cherry blossom tree has short blooming periods and are very fragile.The trees bloom quickly and then die quickly, representing a beautiful, short life.
I always feel so fortunate to see a blossom tree in bloom, as they are also seen as a omen of good things to come. Winter has ended.

The cherry blossom signifies power in China. A cherry blossom tree in Chinese culture is a symbol of feminine dominance. It indicates female beauty and sexuality. It's meaning in China relates accordingly to how the Chinese name their herbs, Cherry blossom means, love.

For some a cherry blossom is a symbol of humanity and hope. The meaning of this beautiful tree in different cultures represents life and love. I find it so interesting how we pass by things in our daily lives that can have so much meaning, often it will stay lost until you do a little research and find out for your self. You might even find the meaning your were looking for.

Now there are less trees in bloom, making way for the summer. Until next spring, when there will be an explosion of pastel and white again.


  1. I love this post - we have a cherry tree in my childhood home's garden and when I see it I feel lots of good memories flood back. Plus, the trees also bloom right around my birthday so I feel like they 'belong' to me or are linked to me in some small way.
    Thank you for this, yet another way you've brightened my day today!
    Rach xx

    1. I'm so glad you like it. What a lovely tree to have in your garden, how beautiful. I feel linked to blossom trees as they also bloom around by birthday as well. So I definitely know what you mean. x

  2. I love blossom trees of any kind. Years ago, I was fortunate to be in Japan at cherry blossom time and it counts as one of the great experiences of my life. Even thinking about it now makes me tear up a little, it was indescribably beautiful x

    1. Japan is on my travel list. That must have been breath taking to see x