Friday, 13 June 2014

Healthy Snacks

I can't go through out the day without least one snack. I try to eat a piece of fruit or a hand full of nuts, maybe a boiled egg. But sometimes, you just need a good munch of some treats. When I can, I will head to a health food store and stock up on some bits to keep in my cupboard.
I then try to use portion control when eating them (sometimes is doesn't happen.... quinoa chips, I'm looking at you!). Knowing that I can take a treat to work that is a healthier alternative is great and means that I'm not rushing to the local shop and buy something I'm going to regret eating later.
I'm aware that there are always going to be cleaner/healthier alternatives. This is the kind of thing what I would choose for a treat. I picked up a few new things to try recently, see below for what I thought about them.

Eat Real Chilli and Lime Quinoa Chips:
These are delicious! These chips are vegan, wheat and gluten free, contain no artificial colouring or preservatives and are completely MSG free. I found the link above to a website where you can purchase in bulk for £6.80. I'm tempted, but it may be too dangerous to have a large supply in the house. For me they are that good!

Naked Cocoa Delight Fruit and Nut Bits:
These have become a standard in my house. They are my chocolate alternative and a favourite to have on standby when I need a sweet fix. The chocolate flavour doesn't hide that these little cubes are made of fruit and nut but they are flavourful enough to eat three or four and be happy. I find that I don't over eat these. You can buy them at Tesco for about £2.00 a bag or you can purchase eight bags in bulk here for £18.95

Inspiral Raw Banana Supergreen Granola:
To be honest I wasn't sure about these, they are sold as the ultimate fitness food as they contain the purest ingredients and are handmade. They are 100% natural, gluten free, vegan and are also trans fat and soya free. I liked the banana flavour but I couldn't get used to the wheatgrass powder after taste. However they were a nice alternative to the Naked Fruit Bits, as they are not as sweet. It has not put me off trying out what else Inspiral has to offer. Priced at £1.39, they are not to expensive for a treat every now and then. I've tried their Kale Chips before, which are yummy! I will definitely be sampling some more raw treats from them soon! If you are ever in London and love a good salad, please go their cafĂ© in Camden!

What do you eat for a healthy treat? What else should I be trying?


  1. i need to try some of these! i've forever snacking and proportions dont work on me sadly :( thank you for sharing :) x
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  2. I recently got some healthy snacks too on Vitacost, since I love snacking like you. :) Trail mixes come in very handy, and I also got some pecan and rice crackers which are so yummy!

  3. Ooh everything looks so yummy - I want to try those chilli and lime chips so badly now! x

  4. I had some of the Quinoa chips in my Vegan Kind box recently and they were rather nice - I was a bit wary as I loathe quinoa itself. And I have of course tried the Naked Bites courtesy of your lovely self and am completely and utterly addicted x

  5. Sort of had a look at that website that you recommended for buying the quinoa chips and..oh my! A section dedicated to crisps, in bulk boxes. That's like heaven in packet form :) x

  6. I absolutely love to snack also! fruits are my Go-to!