Saturday, 14 June 2014

If I could give you some advice

If I could give your some advice, it would be this.

Your Mum may be strict with you and it will cause a few arguments. However, she is doing it out of love and you will grow up to see that.

Your Mum has had her own share of shit to deal with. BE NICE

There are going to be girls whom you think will be your best friends for ever. Some will be, some wont. That is okay.

Times change and so do you, don't exhaust yourself trying to save dead relationships.

Study harder.

You are not as large as you think. You should be happy in your own skin.

It is okay that you don't want to have sex right now. Stop comparing yourself to other peoples gossip. It's not your business.

Calm down when people try to have a joke with you. Sometimes they aren't being mean, learn to take things with a pinch of salt.

Hold your head up high when you walk past people who used to bully you. It gets better. so much better. In ten years time or less you will have moved on, I promise.

It's not always great being the popular girl.

Do not take back any boy who cheats on you. Even if it is a kiss. even if he was drunk and can barely remember doing it. Everyone deserves better.

Speak up for yourself

Love yourself

Be Brave and take chances, they might not come again.

Give people your trust but if they break it consistently. Don't give it to them again.

Don't tell other peoples secrets.

It's okay to cry.

If I could tell you anything is would be this. You may be a confused sixteen year old, but in a few years time all of this worry will seem a lifetime away and not so important
I often think about what I would say to to my past self during different stages of my life. The important thing for maintaining a sense of wellbeing is learning from all of your experiences upon relfection. Using those lessons to lead you into the future and be aware of not becoming fixated on the past. The only thing that is certain, is what is happening right now in the present.


  1. Lovely post and great advice. Sometimes I really do wish I knew now back when I was growing up :-) xx

  2. Beautiful post and so very true. Sometimes we do need to look at the bigger picture x

  3. This was simply beautiful! Your right it most definitely is out of love