Monday, 23 June 2014

Tea at The Ritz

We all know I love tea. So I was very excited when the boyfriend's Nana turned 80 and his family wanted to celebrate. She knew where she wanted to head to. She wanted a posh chow down of some Tea, Cake and Sandwiches. Tea at the Ritz it was!

Celebrating someone else is always fun and it really gives me a sense of calm, happiness and wellbeing, espeicially because they know that you love them and want to pay them some special attention. It makes me feel good to focus on the positive and to focus on the good in others. Celebrating a special birthday with someone you care for is priceless and creates wonderful memories to keep forever!

Here is how it went down, we got to choose a pot of tea from a lovely selection and then an assortment of sandwiches were brought over for the table. The staff knew ahead of time that I was dairy free so they had a  dairy free selection ready for me and had also made some dairy free cakes for me to eat as well. I thought this was very good and also kind of expected at such a famous establishment.

We sipped Tea from china cups and chatted while we ate some delicious finger sandwiches. The crockery was lovely and it felt very special to have silver cutlery and a tier of sandwiches and cakes to choose from. After we have demolished the savoury, it was time for some sweet!
A lovely gent came round and offered us a choice of lemon drizzle cake or pecan. I knew I wanted to have a bite of the lemon cake so I asked for slice. THREE cakes where then brought over for me because they had forgotten about the dairy free cakes. So I felt like a little piggy, but I was helped out and it wasn't wasted. The rest of the birthday party enjoyed a selection of mini delights and a slice of cake, while we got to try another pot of tea if we wished. I opted for the lemon tea as it is a brilliant digestive for when one has over indulged!
The selection of cakes below from the right: dark chocolate and banana mouse, apple and raisin cake with soy cream and a cinnamon muffin, also topped with soy cream. I didn't think much of the soy but I'm not a fan anyway, so that isn't The Ritz's fault!. The muffin was my favourite and the bite or two I had of the lemon cake was absolutely divine!

I had never had Afternoon Tea before, so to have my first at The Ritz was an absolute pleasure! To be sat in such a beautiful room with breathe taking décor, surrounded by fantastic company was amazing and for me it felt really special because I had never been in an extremely swanky hotel before. There are nice hotels yes, but the décor in The Ritz is something else.

When tea was over we waddled to the cloak room to get our things and headed home, We had a quick peek at what else The Ritz had to offer, gasped at the price of the jewellery and woke up full the next day from all the food! It was a very happy birthday celebration.

Have you been to The Ritz? Do you have any suggestions of where I should have Tea next?


  1. What a wonderful celebration! It looks absolutely delicious - it's quite wrong to be craving afternoon tea this early in the morning :)

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. What a lovely treat for you all, the Ritz is definitely a once in a very long while indulgence for most of us mere mortals but such a lovely experience when it happens. Good that they accommodated your dietary needs, nothing less than one would expect from the Ritz dahling! x

  3. Oooh how very posh ;) looks lovely x

  4. I went to a ball at the Ritz a few years ago when it reopened. It's really magical to be able to go to such a place! one place I went a few times for tea is the Chesterfield in Mayfair. I'd like to have my wedding reception there at the Conservatory! :)

  5. Looks lovely, very fancy and the food looks delicious! x