Monday, 16 June 2014

Weekly Gratitude #2

This week has been pretty uneventful. I think it is so valuable to have some down time. Even if you think you should be rushing around catching up with everyone else.

I'm grateful for
The sunny weather
The quiet
Smelling the roses on the way to work
Noticing how beautiful the flowers are in other peoples gardens
The fish supper I had on Saturday
A visit to a Relaxation Therapist
The guided meditation
Nesting at home
The delicious peach iced tea that I happily slurped on Sunday
Quality down time
Sometimes I need to focus on the little things. If I don't reflect, I those sight of what makes a week happy and become lost in the daily grind. The bigger picture is often a result of those little things that we forget. So I'm hoping that remembering them will create a brighter picture
What makes you happy and grateful?

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  1. Love these posts Liz, its so important to recognise the little bits & pieces in life! I think I might start my own one of these at the end of my diary each week :)