Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Field Trip Tour 2014 with Call It Vanity

Get ready for a very long and soppy blog post:
You know when you have a girl crush and you bet you would get on like a house on fire if you met? Well that is what happened on Saturday.

So when the awesome twosome over at Call It Vanity organised a meet up/ shop till you drop day for anyone who had an interest in green beauty/ beauty in general. Let me tell you, it was a GREAT day.

I am very chatty by nature but on the flip side can be very shy, I needn't have been worried. Instantly my nerves where gone when I reached my destination and was greeted by the stylish and too cool for school Sabrina.

There were so many of us that we were split into two groups, Group A (for awesome) and Group B (for Bestest). I was in Group B with some pretty special people, (in no particular order) Amber Amber's Beauty Talk,  Ana Ana Goes Green, Annabel Fragmented Splendor, Katie Katie Vibes, Evelyn We Were Raised by Wolves and Tamara Rainbow Feet. They made my day, seriously, it was great to just settle into the day ahead and chat.

We talked about our interests and what we do outside of blogging and of course green beauty. I even got to quiz Ana of Ana Goes Green on skincare, as she knows her stuff, which was very helpful indeed!

Our first stop was BeautyMart in trendy Shoresditch, I picked up at E.O.S SPF lip balm and some bath fizzers. Both lemon scented, its obviously a thing. Sabrina had me in stiches when we all posed as a group for an instagram pic. I can't take pics of myself at the best of times and looking at myself in the mirror whilst trying to look nice was too much and I burst out laughing. I'm just too goofy.

Next we headed to the mecca of all health food shops. Whole. Foods. The one on Kensington High Street is massive and I probably annoyed a few people by going on and on about how much I love Wholefoods. But, I do I love Wholefoods with all my heart/ It was EVERYTHING.

This is where I did most of the damage to my wallet. I've been cutting down on my spending and with my project pan in mind, I only brought what I knew I needed, a hair mask, heat protector and a lovely coral  Zoya nail varnish that Tamara brought as well. I also brought a few exciting food bits.

Next was the huge food court, it has everything from smoothies and juices, to pizza and noodles. Katie recommended the salad bar and I love mixing bits and pieces so that was perfect for me. I washed it down with a Tea Pigs Green Tea.

As I was stuffing my face, Group A arrived and we got to meet the other half of Call it Vanity, the beautiful Mayah. Group A was made up of Rachel from All Natural Aspirations (my first follower on twitter don't you know!), Sarah from Sugarpuffish (the reason I buy myself so many treats!), I got to have a right good chin wag with Jen from Jen's Green Skincare (she smelt amazing). I finally got to meet my name twin Liz from Smells Like Green Spirit, who came all the way from Brussels! I also got to say a quick Hello to Tania from Bowtied Beauty, Hepzibah from GFMGFY and Katie from What Katie Rates.

I read all their blogs and my only wish was that we could have chatted more because I know I didn't get to talk to everyone. Especially because I was so hungry when they arrived that, I was more interested in my food. I'm sorry but a girl has got to eat!

After Lunch, we headed to Nature and Co, it's products are beautifully presented and the lady there was so welcoming, the atmosphere in the shop was so calm and serene. I didn't need any make up, however they did have Alima Pure in stock, which I did have a look at. The brand is now on my wish list.

I opted for a body water by Durance. This is where I made a boo boo, I loved the scent and brought it without really looking at the label. It was pointed out to me that the third ingredient was Butylene Glycol. Some of you will gasp, but I kept it. I've read a few articles and I will see what happens, for the time being I'm happy that it is cruelty free. If I react to it, i'll know for next time. For the time being I will enjoy it. The Spa down stairs in Nature and Co use it as a room spray before each treatment. It is very invigorating and claming at the same time.

Here is were things got HOT, we had to get the Bus to Bond Street. No biggy. But, it was so hot on the Bus. So hot I turned tomato red which didn't go away until I sat down in a cool room with Air con a few hours later!
Content Beauty and Wellbeing was the finishing touch to the day and it was perfect. Imelda the store owner and founder was there to offer advice and I really enjoyed seeing some clients have their make up done. Content Beauty is really the boutique to end all beauty boutiques. It is small, but full of the best of the best.

I picked up at RMS Lip Shine in sacred, a sample pack of One Love Organics and a Vapour concealor. We even got a very generous gift bag form the girls at Content, it is full of beautiful products to try. Which was outstanding. Thank You Content!

(i'm going to do a few individual posts on what I got in the near future)

We all said our goodbyes to each other and with some time to spare Amber and I went in search of somewhere to eat and rest our feet. Amber spotted Pret a Manger hidden of side street. I was so red in the face by this point that even the server told me to go down stairs because of the cooling air con.

For the next hour I got to talk to Amber about all sorts. She is really interesting and just a total sweetheart. (very mushy I know!)

Seriously to every single person I met on Saturday, it was great to meet you and put of face to the name. No matter much or how little we spoke it was brilliant to be surrounded by like minded people. Having started wellmeaningbeing this January I couldn't have imagined to meet you so soon and it be so fantastic!

Thank you Call It Vanity for putting together such and awesome day and talking me under your green beauty wing.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this Liz - I would definitely like to come along if another trip is arranged - would be great to meet everyone....x

  2. I love wholefoods too! And the one in highstreet ken is the bees knees, i always make a point to pop in if I'm in central (sometimes even if I'm not). I loved chatting with you, feel lie I missed out on the Pret a Manger chilling. Hope to see you again soon xx

  3. I knew there was a reason we stuck to the Group A Group B names ;)

    Any time at all, we're so happy everyone had such an amazing time and really enjoyed your post, brought a smile to my face :) Already thinking about the next one!!!

    Mayah x

  4. What a lovely blog post. It was awesome to meet you. I want to live in Whole Foods that place is my idea of heaven, it's at that point that I forget skincare & my stomach is calling lol. Your lunch looked amazing I can totally understand why you were distracted by it :)

  5. Oh Liz, such a sweet post!! xx

  6. It sounds like you had an amazing day :) really good post and great pictures. Im gutted i couldn't be there this time but i hope to meet you soon. xx

  7. Every time I read one of these posts, it makes me smile and I wish even more that I could have made the field trip. Sigh - never mind, hopefully there will be a next time, Sounds like you all had an amazing day and I'm moving in to Wholefoods with Sarah! :-)

  8. It was lovely to meet you briefly! Hope to meet you again at the next one :) x

  9. Awwwwwww Liz :) you are too sweet! It was so lovely to meet you and having that chill out time in Pret was so lovely! Glad it cooled you down too ;) xx

  10. Great post, was a pleasure to meet you Liz! My housemates and I are munching our way through those Caveman Cookies - I need more! xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves