Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It is okay to get stressed

Okay, lets be honest here.
I can get really stressed out
It doesn't happen often but when it does, I am one of those people that needs to ride the stress wave until it crashes into smaller calmer ripples in the sea of life. That is how I get over it. I need it out of my system, so when I am stressed I use it to my full advantage.
Sometimes stress can be used as a ball of energy to power you through what ever obstacle you are facing. Often we need a little bit of stress to convey how we feel when we are disappointed or let down. We can use that energy to meet a deadline or have a great work out.

I got very stressed during my best friends Hen do,  everything was going wrong. They had double booked the room, the projector didn't work etc, etc. All that mattered was making sure that the Bride was having a brilliant time. That was really important, the stress was not actually anything to do with me, it was about giving my friend the day she wanted and what I thought she deserved.

Luckily I was with the Hen's sister who was a much calmer than me and she stopped me from repeating myself when I was telling the Assistant Manager how I felt. However I do I feel that sometimes it's needed and completely relevant to come across stressed. Especially when it is to do with fixing a problem. I was using my stress to make sure the Bride would have the best time possible and that issues where rectified.

Yes, I am on a wellness journey and I write about wellbeing. I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle and living mindfully. The thing is that, it is my own unique journey and I am still going to get annoyed, mad and yes, stressed. I am going to react differently compared to how other people would. Because sometimes things are so important that I don't want to let go of it, I want things sorted and I want it my way. At least I am mindful of my words and I talk through my feelings to make sure everyone knows how I am doing and what I am thinking.
 That for me is authentic. Honest.

What I'm saying is, don't let anyone make you feel bad for feeling stressed, as long as it doesn't turn into feelings of deep long lasting depression or violence and you are able to remain civil. It is fine. It is human. It is normal. You are allowed to worry you are allowed to be passionate, sometimes being passionate means being stressed.

When the stress is over, make sure you learn from it. Maybe if something similar occurs in the future you will be better equipped at dealing with it. Then let it go and get back to your own rhythm and enjoy some stress free living!


  1. Stress is part of life and not something that can be avoided. We all learn to develop our own coping mechanisms to help us deal with the stress and move on.
    I'm feeling your hen-party stress though; I've been organising my sisters hen for a few months now and it is finally happening on Friday. I'm sure it will all go smoothly but I'm just looking forward to it all being over haha! x

  2. I'm one of those people that says "I'm not stressed" then several days later blows a gasket....as Jen says, it's part of life, when everyone says "chill out" that just annoys me more lol