Friday, 11 July 2014

Oh Honey! Raw lavender and Sunflower Honey

Recently I walked past a small unassuming  stall at a local festival and it was stocked full with homemade raw honey, lavender scented pillows and candles. While my friend gravitated towards the lavender gifts, I moved towards the honey! There were three types and the stall holder let me sample all three. After the first taste I knew some of the lavender honey had to come home with me and also one of the sunflower honeys for good measure.

They both have a delicate sweet taste and are both sweet in texture. I'm now on the look out for some more lavender honey because mine is almost finished! It is that good! It does not taste too much perfume for me it just gives another level of unexpected flavour. It really is that delicious!

I was wanting to put a link to the stalls website but unfortunately their website is not working. However, hopefully this will encourage you to buy local and check out those cute stalls you may normally pass by. You don't know what treats may be on offer and who you may meet.


  1. These sound and look so amazing! I love going to the farmers market on weekends to look at their goodies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That sounds gorgeous; the lavender honey sounds like it should be popped into some camomile tea before bed for a restful sleep :)