Friday, 25 July 2014

Out of routine


I'm really bad at establishing and then maintaining a routine.
I know it is good for me and the equilibrium I can reach when I am focused is fantastic.
I'm focused on life and how I feel, I'm mostly happy and content.
There will be weeks on eat were I'm eating well and everything else seems to flow. It feels good.
But then for one reason or another (a special occasion perhaps) I fall out of routine and become stuck in a rut.
My rut this week has been food. I've not been eating well so that has made me feel lazy and uninspired.
My skin is screaming out for nutrients and my stomach is cramping up because of the crap I have put in it.
I'm not talking about the occasional indulgence I have been eating badly meal after meal.

Although, at least I can stop it, I can move forward and try to regain some momentum in the right direction.

We all fall of the wagon. None of us are perfect.

Just make sure you get back on!
All I can do is at least try. Just Try.
Heres to eating well and feeling great!


  1. It's like you took my thoughts out of my head and wrote them down! I am exactly the same as you... when I eat well I feel on top of my game and then when I slip for a few days in a row everything seems harder and more of a challenge. Great post xx

  2. I need to get back into my routine too. I've stopped going to bootcamp as it was causing me pain in my legs so I haven't done any proper exercise for around 1 and a half months! It might even be 2. And I haven't been eating all that well either..I'm going to join the gym this week and I am going to get back into my routine!