Friday, 4 July 2014

The reluctant grown up

Me: do you think we will every feel like an adult?
Him: I am one already, I'm a reluctant grow up.

I often struggle with when I'm actually going to become an actual grown up, because sometimes all too often, I behave like a fifteen year old on a sugar high. The only difference being is that I now have to work full time and pay my bills.

I don't want to force myself into becoming the "grown up" I think I should be, I don't want to move forward shrouded in my own reluctance when moving forward.

I'm trying to come to terms that, at least in my mind, adult hood is a process that happens in stages and as you enter each of them you evole into the adult you need to be for that life stage. I hope at least that my personality stays the same, maybe it will deepen with a little bit more grace thrown in for good measure. Although i don't think I'll ever master walking in high heels or loving wine.

And that's okay by me, because do we ever really fully, ever, grow up?


  1. I find growing up so weird and scary! I'm 18 now but I literally feel and act exactly as I did when I was 14 (still get scared of silly things like phoning to book appointments and reciting what I'm going to order in my head in restaurants).. yet when I was 14, I thought of 18 year olds as being 'grown ups'. It's crazy! x

  2. Quite right. We never fully grow up. I still hate walking in high heels (but do love wine).

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. I really hope I don't! I get the responsibility thing but in my head 90% of me will always be 17 :) xx