Wednesday, 30 July 2014

This is me Part Two


This is me.

 My eyes are a mix of hazel and flecks of green. They can sparkle when I smile and look like dark pools of chocolate late at night. They can become hidden when I smile and squint.

Sometimes my gap between my lower teeth shows when I laugh, because I laugh loudly, with full abandon.

My hair can appear dark brown in pictures but it is a mix of light and medium brown tones and a few flickering strands of red. I have quite a few grey hairs that like to peek out from the brown. The grey is part of growing older. It's a reminder of years the to come. I am aging and that's okay.

I have awkward eyebrows, but at least they seem to grow back after a few eyebrow plucking disasters!

I have hooded eyelids, which just means I get to apply more eyeshadow to give me a deeper crease (that's my excuse and I sticking to it).

I get dark circles easily, at least this lets me know when I am truly in need of some rest.

I have tiny nails and chubby fingers but my nails grow strong and my fingers stay nimble. All the better for typing this post with.

I look like my dad and that makes me happy.

I have fair olive skin that can burn easily, treated with care and attention my skin can retain a bronzed glow for months after the sun has stopped shining.

I have lots of moles. Everywhere. When I was little, I used to trace them with my finger and imagine that they were star constellations.

I have three different birthmarks. All unique and funny to me.

I can't help but tilt my head to one side when I'm talking to a friend. I think it's because I listen with care. I'm not really sure.

My weight fluctuates, often. I enjoy my food and then know when it is time to eat healthy delicious food, rather than another slice of pizza.

I get puffy eyes when I'm tired, again it shows me I need rest. I need care.

I look like my mum and that makes me happy.

A couple of month back I wrote part one to this post. Part one has proved very popular, it was not intended to be self deprecating. It was meant to show that what we perceive as faults, have come from somewhere of value and heritage. They are, no matter how much you dislike them from your parents, it is part their legacy, that you will pass on to your children one day. I was trying to show that I am aware of what I don't like, but I don't mind it too much because it reminds that I am a creation of my parents.

This is me Part two is to show that you can turn any fault into a positive. It's time we all start loving what we have already and stopping trying to attain the impossible.

This is me. And I like it!


  1. great post! you are so right, sometimes we just keep looking at those little faults about ourselves physically and don´t realize that they come from 2 people who love and raised you to be the best you can be. We should appreciate those little faults that remind us of who we come from.

  2. Aww Liz I love these posts! We sound very similar on paper you know! I have hazel eyes, lots of moles and grey hair too ;) x

  3. well i believe that the real beauty exist inside us, we just need to dig it out and feel it. thanks