Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Gratitude #10

This bank Holiday Weekend was all about chilling out.
It was about spending relaxed sofa sessions with the boy
Reading whatever I wanted.
Throwing away even more make up and clearing out my closet.

I'm grateful for
Limiting my internet time for 3 days
For visiting lots of people and meeting a brand new human being
Finding an amazing dress that I actually like and fits me
For melon wrapped in ham
For seeing the wood for all the trees
Realising that I am not my job and my job is not me.
For the calm

For being at peace
For feeling refreshed

Friday, 22 August 2014

What is wellmeaningbeing?

Wellmeaningbeing is a place for wellbeing. It is a place for anyone to stop by and share in their thoughts and feelings on moving into a life focussed on wellness.

Wellbeing means something to everyone. What is means is completely different and completely perfect to each different individual.

We are all on a journey, whether you relise it of not we are all searching for something. A new job, a better house, a more meaningful lifestyle. These things all instill a sense of wellbeing. How much one thing matters to another people is going to vary. But it is no less relevant to someones wellbeing.

What makes you happy is only true to you, it will be different for anyone else . Happiness to me is feeling content and satiated with life. I want to feel it's abundance. What I mean when I say abundance is being content with just being. Just living within my means and sharing experiences and creating memories. Eating whole nutrious, delicious food and going out dancing. Treating myself when it matters, going without when it does not.

Wellmeaningbeing is about doing your best to create the life you want , without the material baggage or the mainstream ideals of what makes you happy and well. However, it's not about forgetting traditional or marinstreams ideals, it about tweaking them to suit your own moral compass and how you want to proceed in life.

It's about being confident in who you are and how you want to act. It is feeling connected to yourself. So when even in the most difficult of situations, you are sure of one thing. Your self.

I hope you will join me on this wellbeing journey.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Practise gratitude for wellbeing

Ever since I started my weekly gratitude posts I have noticed something shift. I have noticed that I am better equipped at admiring the small details in life. I have not yet mastered the act of being right in that moment, right that second. But, being able to take time to reflect and just write down what pops into my head has been amazing. Almost trans-formative.

It's amazing what you remember when you take the time and it will make you smile, whether it be a big gesture or one of life's small pleasures, taking time to be grateful has improved my sense of wellbeing greatly.

When you become grateful for what is around you, for what already happens daily. There is so much to be grateful for. Even if I have had a rubbish day or I think I have had a boring week, sitting down and making myself think of the positive is just the medicine.

Remembering a great dinner, noticing flowers growing in odd places or not forgetting that you make your friend smile. Shows that gratitude is limitless, there is so much around to turn into a positive.

Your wellbeing is what you make it. If you feel sad, you are allowed to be sad, that's natural. But pick yourself up when you are ready and make a list of what you are grateful for. Write them down and keep them. Its great to reflect on past gratitude posts.

Making this apart of my lifestyle and practicing gratitude has allowed be to find some time to focus of my wellbeing and that is incredibly valuable in my opinion.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Three Years Gone: Why I belive in the kindness of strangers

Three Years Ago

I was working as an Assistant Manager in a high end store in my home town. Along with a small team and my lovely Manager, we were opening a new store to the town which would offer something a bit different. The store comprised of high end home ware, dinning accessories and ornaments.

Being able to be a part of the process from beginning to it's completion was a fantastic experience, we were able to offer opinions and had a chance to be a part of something new. I even got to design to website map for the companies sister store. Something I relished and enjoyed greatly.

Things were good, I knew the job was not forever, but for things were going well.

Three years ago today, I was working alone on the shop floor. I was on my own as my colleague had left after her lunch cover shift. 15 minutes later a gentleman came into the store who had been in before enquiring about our gold plated serving ware. I noticed that he would not take of his hat or sunglasses when addressing me.

I felt the rush of panic rise up in me as he asked to see a set of three condiment jars that where in the whimsical shape of owls. They made up a little owl family. They were gold plated and silver filled, handcrafted and delicate.

Judging (yes I judged) by his attire and how dirty his hands were, I made the assumption that he could not possibly afford this expensive set. I decided to discuss with him further about the set and stall from opening the locked cabinet.

I thought about calling the sister store and ask for the shop assistant to come over with the "key". I was at the point pretending that I had misplaced the key, hoping that he would go away.

He became agitated and complained about my customer service. I was not sure if my colleague would have  even be able to come over to my store to help me. So with caution I proceeded to moved from the till counter to the display cabinet, key in hand.

I knew something was wrong, but I had to go through the motions. I turned my back to him as I unlocked the cabinet.

That's when he grabbed me, he had moved behind me and grabbed my shoulder. As he pushed me downwards he brought a large knife to my throat and said "get down on the floor or I will kill you, ill do it".  I have back problems and how he was restricting me I could not of got down to the floor easily.

I whimpered

He forced my head down further and I could feel the knife against my throat. I moved towards the floor with the blade still following me. When I finally got to floor he demanded that I not look up or he will kill me, not scream or he will kill me.

I could here the metal of whatever he was stealing ring as they crashed next to each other in his scruffy rucksack.

With one last "don't move or you die, he was gone. I found out later that he had stolen almost £19,00 worth of stuff.

I was frozen, I could not get up.

I heard a woman's voice, I would not move. I noticed that I was crying hard and that I was shaking to much to get up.

As a  passer-by she had seen the man run out of the shop and heard the same ringing come from his bag. She came in to see if everything was okay.

The kindness of strangers meant that I could get off the floor and try and collect myself (didn't happen) while the woman comforted me and called the police. She stayed with me whilst I waited and while I rang my boss, who came to the store almost immediately.

The woman stayed with me while I made a statement and even when my colleague who had finished work came back when she had heard what had happened.

I do not know this woman's name. But I think of her often. Why?, because even after this awful thing that happened. Almost instantly there was someone there for me. She didn't know me but she actively came to my need.

I thought of her that night when I couldn't sleep, I thought of her when I made the successful I.D of the robber and when he was sent to prison.

I think of her when I have reoccurring memories and she brings me peace.

The kindness of strangers can give someone so much joy and comfort. That's why I actively try and help where I can.

If I have troubled you with this story, I am so sorry. However, this is my experience and it has been almost cleansing for me to write this out. Something I have not done before.

I wash off the fear and bring in strength. I'm still scared, often it is when I'm alone. I don't think I could work on my own again and that does get me down at times. I wouldn't say I have full blown anxiety but I have moments where I could easily hide away and not come out.

Three years have gone and I rarely speak of it. I sometimes feel that my friends and family don't know how it affected me. I still flinch when someone I don't know touches me and I can't deal with violent scenes in movies that involve knives. I try to push past these fears and move on.

They didn't see me how that women did, they will never know how I was. Even though I don't know her name, I thank her often for showing me that the good in the world outweighs the bad and even in the worst or darkest situations some light can be found.

Thank You.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I'll start next week

I'll start next week

I think that this could be my mantra. A mantra I am actively fighting. Almost everyday

I'll start a new exercise routine next week
I'll make more of an effort with my appearance, starting next week.
I'll start getting up half an hour earlier next
I'll start looking into a new qualification next week.

It's like I hold Mondays as this beacon of light, a piece of hope that I will most certainly start a new routine on Monday.

I still do this and it's annoying, its lazy and needs to stop. This kind of thinking leads to absolutely nothing. Then, weeks turn into months and before you know it, you have nothing to show for your time.

From now on, I'm going to try and think about things in this way:

What can I do today?
What I can do to move me forward?
What small change can I make?
Take one day at a time.

Sometimes I get caught up in the enormity of how long change can take or what it may mean. Looking to far into the future is unproductive, you cannot guess the future all you can do is take today and make it better.

Eat a good breakfast
Wear a little concealer
Read a good book
Smile at a stranger
Do some squats
Look into what will get you to where you want to be.

Do little tasks today, not next week.
Think about today, not next week,
You can't control what will happen next week, hell, you cannot completely control what will happen today but you are living today, today is what matters. Today, leads to tomorrow and tomorrow, tomorrow is your future.

Start Today.

Monday, 18 August 2014

oqibo omgea supplement 90 day challenge update one

So for the past few weeks I have been making sure that I take my supplements daily.

This is what I think about the Oqibo Advanced Omega Supplement: wellness on the inside, Healthy on the outside so far:

These little yellow jewels are really easy to swallow.
There is no funny after taste.
They have not caught in my throat or made me gag (really important when they are large pills).
I was trying to take flax seed oil in a morning smoothie, but I just could get used to the taste. These omega supplements are quick and easy.
I can't say I have noticed a massive difference yet but it has been nice knowing that I am taking care of myself.

For what it is worth I also like the packaging, it is sleek and clean looking. Some supplement packaging can look too old school and cluttered. There is clear information on the back of this packet and that's it. No fuss. Nice.

Do any of you guys take supplements?

*I was sent these to trial, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gratitude #9

This week has been slow moving, with little things happening here and there. But once I sit down and think about my week I begin to realise that there are so many things to be grateful for. You just have to slow down to notice them.

I'm grateful for the great community I have become apart of through blogging
For Tamara for starting #beautychallenge10, it has really helped me focus of how much I have and what I really need when it comes to skincare and make up. Waste not want not, is completely true.
For persevering with driving, I'm not a natural driver and I am constantly pushing myself to have that extra lesson when really, I'd love to go home and chill out.
For celebrating another friends hen do and meeting her lovely friends.
Connecting with new and interesting people.
For my Mum's home grown green beans.
For everything.

Friday, 15 August 2014

15 Project Pan Tips

As my project pan has progressed I have had to think of ways to motivate myself to keep going and not buy a whole mound of stuff when I get bored or fed up. I decided to write it down in a post, so hopefully, it will help someone else who is stressed out by their massive beauty stash!

15 Project Pan Tips

1. Take action- Once you start to feel overwhelmed with what you have, it is time to have a clear out.

2. Take your time- Allocate some time, grab a cup of tea and get sorting.

3. One thing at a time - Assuming you have a lot of stuff, it may be best to take on one thing at a time. For example, go through all your eyeshadows and then if you have the time and energy go through your lip products, do that as well. Then continue until you have made a dent.

4. Make piles- Sort your products into piles, out of date, love, giveaway. Chuck the out of date, giveway what you can (don't be giving any overused crap, that's nasty) and sort your love pile into what you wear everyday and what is night time apporiate etc.

5. Get real- If  your stash is still looking massive, really be honest with yourself and go through your stash and filter out what you don't need, do you really need 10 of the same thing?

6. Use it up- Use up what is nearing it's use by date, like you mascara's and eyeliners.

7. Rotate that- If you wear make up most days why not put a full face worth of products into a make up bag and use that for a week or two. Focusing on a few products can be really effective and then you are not left with lots of half used stuff. Repeat and rotate until you begin to run out of multiple items.

8-.Focus on it- If you really want to use something up,  you are going to have to use that solely until it hits pan.

9. Challenge yourself- Tamara came up with the #beautychallenge10 and it is a great way to get things into perspective. You have to use up 10 items before you can make a purchase. It's a no buy hybrid. If you run out of a body lotion or lip gloss and have another one in your stash you have to use that up before you make a purchase. When you realise what you have, shopping your stash is really fun.

10. Organise what you have - Before my project pan, I didn't really organise my skincare or make up. Now it is all in the same place so it is easy to find and see how much of one thing I have. Nothing is going to waste and I now know what I do and don't need. It is really refreshing.

11. Have a goal in mind - My goal has been to really downsize as much a possible and to make more green beauty choices, as well as buying cruelty free when I'm out shopping.

12. Save those pennies- While your on a project pan or a no buy you will realise how much those little purchases at boots add up and how many online purchases are made when you are bored or perhaps sad. Impulse buys are a thing of the past. Your purse will be feeling much heavier and your make up bag lighter, containing all your loved items.

13. Treat yo'self - Motivation is key, when you have used up a substaintial amount there is no need to make it feel like a chore, shop around and find something you really want. Wait on it for a few days and if you are still thinking about it, buy it. Treat yourself, you have done really well.

14. Have fun! - Have fun with it, use what you have brought and take the opportunity to pamper yourself. Making myself use up products before making another purchase has acutally benefited my skin no bounds. It's been a plus for my face and my bank balance. YAY

15- Give away again - After about 3months re do the pile routine, if you have not be reaching for certain items, it is time for them to go. Give them to a new home or throw them away if they have gone bad.

 This is what I have been doing to get my project moving and how I have kept myself motivated.  I don't wear much make up during the week so I am starting to think about wearing some to work, just to use up some more stuff! Needs must and all that.

Have a happy project pan!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wellbeing // What does wellbeing mean to you?

Today's wellbeing series post has been written by the awesome Amber, it is a great honest read on personal wellbeing and what it means to us individually. There are no wrong answers! Thanks for writing this great post and being part of the series, Amber.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

When Liz asked me to write an answer to this question, I was really excited but a bit nervous because I’ve read all of the other girls answers and they’re all so beautifully written but it’s just made me realise that wellbeing means something different to each of us. I was really excited though, as since transitioning to green beauty, not only has it meant taking care of my skin through what I put onto my body, but it’s also helped me to learn to take care of myself on the inside too. And that is what wellbeing means to me, taking care of yourself on the inside as well as the outside in order to stay healthy – healthy mind, healthy body, healthy heart!

"wellbeing means to me, taking care of yourself on the inside as well as the outside in order to stay healthy – healthy mind, healthy body, healthy heart!"

I work in a cake shop in the day with my younger sister Ella, who is 20 so we’re only 18 months apart. My mum runs our bakery and my other younger sister Leila has just left school and she works there now too. To say it gets stressful at times is an understatement. It sounds like a really fun and exciting job and it is, but you’d be surprised how angry people can get about cake if the littlest thing isn’t quite right or the cake isn’t how they imagined. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to put it right and you just can’t fix it. I’ve had to learn that you’re never going to please everyone and some people will just complain over nothing. I’ve now accepted that and try to help everyone as much as I can, but that’s not always possible and now I know that, I try not to stress as much over the odd one or two petty customers as it just puts a downer on my day.

Also, it seems like it would be really cool working with your family but things can get heated pretty quickly and things escalate. When I’m in a bad mood, everyone can tell. I’m more likely to be in a bad mood if I’m stressed or tired or if I’m not eating as healthy as I should be. I get stressed out and I snap and argue if I’m in a mood. I’ve tried to start doing yoga at nights as this helps me to de-stress and take all the weight off my shoulders from a stressful day. Also, if I start to get stressed out, I try to take myself away from the situation and try to calm down because we all know that stress isn’t good for our bodies.
 "If I start to get stressed out, I try to take myself away from the situation and try to calm down because we all know that stress isn’t good for our bodies"

I’ve just joined the gym again after a couple of months without any exercise and eating like crap. It hasn’t been the best couple of months with regards to looking after myself, I’ll be honest. However, getting back on track and even just knowing that I’m now joined up to a gym has motivated me to make healthier options when it comes to food. I was always a fussy eater when I was a child and in many ways I still am. I try to taste new things but I like having a routine and when I find something that I like, I stick to it because I know I won’t be disappointed. This might not always be the healthiest choice as I don’t really like salad or anything green to be honest haha! But I never drink fizzy drinks, unless I go out partying which is very rare nowadays, and I try to limit my chocolate and sweets. Obviously working in a cake shop all day every day it makes it very difficult to resist temptation but I know that if I eat all the cakes, we don’t make any money, which makes it easier to say no! It is hard eating healthy all the time as I still live at home with my parents who pay the bills and buy the food so I am often eating frozen food which isn’t ideal but as soon as I move out, I know I’ll try to eat healthier options and make better decisions.

To me, wellbeing means taking care of myself from the inside out, making sure that I am happy and content with myself and the way I am feeling. And making sure that I am being kind to others as well as being grateful to everyone around me for helping me to live an amazing life!

Thanks to Liz for asking me to participate…I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it wasn’t long or boring!
You can find out more about the lovely Amber by checking out all her places on the internet!
Go find her now!
 Blog: Amber's Beauty Talk
YouTube: Amber's Beauty Talk
Instagram: @AmbersBeautyTalk

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

After mental abuse


Warning: this is a long and personal post.

I've shared this personal experience because I believe it to be an extremely common occurrence and want to express that is it is anything but ordinary.

It is unacceptable.

This is a tough topic that is close to my heart, as I feel it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that mental abuse and psychological bullying is part of a normal relationship, of any kind. It is especially hard when you are in a sexual relationship for the first time.

I had two boyfriends before I began seeing a person who would soon turn into my only past relationship regret. The warning signs where there, right in front of me, screaming at me, telling me that this boy was no good. He had very recently broken up with a girl (it turned out that it was only a few weeks previous to me) and would joke about how he would deliberately annoy her or talk excitedly about the arguments they used to have.

My heart had been broken a few months previously and I jumped far to quickly into believing that this prospective boyfriend was a good fit. Looking at this guy and his friendly happy exterior, I was fooled into the thinking that it must have been the ex girlfriends fault. I was the fool at the beginning, maybe during, but not at the end.

It started with asking what I was wearing when on a night out and then saying "you've only curled your hair like that to pull someone else". He would ask for me to send a picture message and almost instantly respond with "why are you wearing make-up?, who are you trying to impress?". Writing this all down makes me angry at my former self for not seeing how controlling he was becoming, but for a year I went from a bubbly, happy girl to a self conscious mess who was always crying on nights out at uni and worried what her boyfriend would say if she went to a party without him.

For example:

I once left a really cool, awesome, fun party (the kind you see in movies) because he was telling me to leave and would not stop texting or ringing me telling me how crap I was to him. If I had turned my phone off I would have felt worse because I knew that he would be getting angrier by the second. So I left.

I left the gym because he said that I wasn't doing it for health, I was doing it for attention.

I would decide what to do socially depending on my boyfriends mood.

I did not make any new friends during this relationship. I did however introduce the majority of my friends to him.

Before things escalated this guy showered me with attention, he made me feel important and wanted. So when he started to change, I thought it was my fault.

I even forgave him when he kissed someone else. I brushed aside the obvious, that he had sex with someone else.

I didn't push the argument when I found a wrapper from a brand of condoms we didn't use on his floor. Somehow he managed to turn that on me and made out that I must have brought it in to his house by it getting caught in my knickers! WTF

By nature I am not argumentative, I don't have the energy or the need to fight and I am one of those people who will always think of the best comeback after the conversation/hissy fit fight has finished.

This guy could twist anything his way and there was no point.

It turns out that he cheated on me multiple times and I was a bit of joke with some of the girls he was cheating on me with. Not long after I dumped him I had to stand in front of one those girls in a queue, who was obviously talking about me behind my back. Yes, I am trying to live are more peaceful and mindful life now, but eight years ago I wanted to chuck my pizza box right in her face.

A few months towards the end I wanted out of the relationship and I think he knew it. He became more controlling and I couldn't fight it. He had woven his way into my friendship group and it felt like he was more popular with my housemates then I was. It was tough. I let it get to me.

I could write a whole book on the constant mental abuse but I don't want to. What I will say is that it escalated.

First, it was the time we were both drunk after a night out and he violently shook me so hard over and over and then ending it by bashing my head against the wall. All because I was said hello, to a class mate, who I used to live near in halls. In his mind I was flirting. All because my friend was male.

Then the time he hit me in the face with such force that my glasses flew off my face and broke. That was for dancing with a gay guy he didn't know. It was joke dancing, as in, how stupid can I look etc. This was the turning point. He had full on hit me in front of my peers and one of my housemates in the middle of our student union.

I went home and the next day I broke up with him over the phone, with the speaker phone on. So my housemate could hear how manipulative he could be. Not my most perfect moment but I needed someone else to hear it, to know what it was like.

I knew it wasn't going to be an easy break up, but hell, it took about four years for him to leave me alone. He told my friends that I lied about being hit. He made out that I was drunk that I had fallen on the floor and broke my glasses on my own.  I couldn't believe that they would side with him, the people I lived with, knew before him, I chose not to fight it. Maybe this was the wrong thing to do but if they didn't believe me after people had seen it with their own eyes, I wasn't going to bother with them.

It made uni a very lonely place.

Gradually I made new friends and re-established a few old ones and it was okay. I was starting to feel comfortable. Then came the devastating blow of loosing one of my best friends. Which is my fault entirely. Six months before we broke up I confided in my then boyfriend about how worried I was about my friend, they were struggling with some life choices. I didn't know how to help. In no way should I have shared that information with my boyfriend, it was not mine to tell and I have learnt my lesson because I have never told a secret since. Loosing that friend has to be one of the things I regret the most.

What I didn't think would happen was, that he would wait almost a year later to publicly embarrass my friend, when I wasn't there to help defend them, or to explain. This led to the kind of radio silence that is deafening. I lost that friend forever. I ruined my friendship and reputation, a lot of people thought I was a piece of shit. Even though I didn't orchestrate what happened I was the messenger, my friend became the victim of my awful relationship and that was so unfair on them.

There was also a rumour going around campus that I had wet the bed during sex. Amusing yes, however it isn't fun having to go through the motions of that conversation, "No I didn't wet myself. Yes, I know what he said.... etc". It was so draining.

In the end, the people that believed him didn't matter, however it took me a few years to get over loosing friends that I thought would be around for a while.

More lies came, unknown phone numbers constantly pestered me, So I changed my number. Email after email chased me through the internet, so I changed my email. These steps repeated themselves, until for some beautiful reason they simply stopped.

It was a breath of fresh air.

Before starting this blog, I honestly thought about not doing it because I was worried about him finding it. Finding me. Now I'm strong enough to know that he can't do anything, I'm better, stronger and happier then I ever used to be and letting the past dictate my future would be a terrible thing. I can't be bullied anymore.

I promise you no matter how tough it is right now, it does get better. The future is indeed brighter, you just need to go through the motions and come out the other side a bit wiser and resilient.

If anything or anyone is stopping you from doing your thing, chasing your dreams or dragging you down. Remove it or them out of  you life. It will be hard but worth it. Please don't left someone belittle you and tell you that it's love. It isn't.

Of course, sadly, there are individuals out there with experiences far worse than mine. But this is what I dealt with and have learned from it.

Now I don't take any crap from anyone and I now know what a loving, honest and compassionate relationship should be look like. Feel like. Be Like. I also know my own worth and don't rely on someone else for it.

Don't let anyone tell you differently. You are amazing. You are unique. You are LOVED.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Gratitude #8

Last week was stressful so after a long chat with the bestie, i went about sorting myself out with some epic weekend socialising. Yes, you shouldn't depend on others for your own wellbeing, however, it had been a quiet weekend with little company. So the weekend was time to PARDY! (that was not a spelling mistake)

I am grateful for:

Not working weekends anymore
Early morning cups of tea sipped in silence
Having loads of time to get ready
Being involved in an important decision
Sharing special pre wedding times with the bestest
Pub dinners with great friends
Evening eye makeup
Cucumber in my G&T
That pulled pork bun
Hearing some very exciting news
Sunday naptime, HOLA!

What are you grateful for?

Self-Praise: Pat yourself on the back

Sometimes I can find myself asking for praise from someone else.

I'm telling them that I have been successful in something and I'm hoping that they will say "oh well done!". You are not always going to hear what you want. Sometimes people will not see what you have accomplished as amazing. Sometimes only you will know that you have accomplished something worthwhile and amazing.

Take it in your stride, we are not always going to get the praise that we desire, perhaps deserve and we shouldn't go around asking for it.

You have to pat yourself on the back and cheer yourself on by the side lines of life. At the end of the day you are the only one who knows how hard you have worked and how much you wanted it etc.

Congratulate yourself and know that you have accomplished something on your own for yourself and no one elses opinion on it matters.

Your own praise is all that you need.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Ritz Tea List

Inspired by my tea experience when having Afternoon Tea at The Ritz, I wanted to explore their tea menu further so to pay homage to their list of teas. I am going to be tasting each one of them. They are of course not going to be the exact ones but I will be on the search for the very best/similar teas.

I love tea and I have not been buying much tea for a while so I thought that once a month I will purchase on of the following teas below and see if I like them. I'll also be looking it what healthy/wellbeing properties these tea may have.

Of course there are some teas that everyone has heard of but there are some up there that I have never tried. If you love tea as much as I do, I hope you will pick a new tea to try from the list. I'm not sure which tea I try first, all I know is that it will be one I never tasted before.

I'm excited. Are you excited? It's okay if you're not, I'm excited enough for both of us! EXCITE!

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Dahlia

I thought it was about time that I explain why I chose the Dahlia as my blog logo and what it represents to me and for wellmeaningbeing. I had no other thing in mind when drafting a logo, it had to be a Dahlia. I love Dahlia's, I love the range of colour and size they can come in and I love the intricate structure each bloom has.

They may not be to everyone's taste but I love how strong and bold they look, whilst retaining an air of beautiful mystery. I can't help but smile when I see them and I can always spot them when at a flower market stall.

Flowers in general symbolise, growth, re-birth, connection, love and unity.

My favourite flower is native to the mountains of Mexico and Central America and Colombia. Mexico happens to be one of my favourite destinations. Dahlia's are feisty flowers and their meanings range from a sign of warning, to change, to travel. The varied meaning of the Dahlia makes this flower a wild card, how each individual may choose it's symbolism could be completely different to the next person. Such is life.

These flowers are unique and eclectic, they are an adventurous specimen. Some people give these flowers to another to symbolise being kind of heart.

Don't be put off by the mention of warning, I think it is there to remind those how may stray to far into adventure that there is always opportunity for change. There is always another path to travel.
For me, I think that is what this blooms structure represents, there is so much going on, its impossible to get bored with the variety of petals (choices) on offer! Life is about making choices, there are so many options, wellmeaningbeing is all about making choices for a healthy, happy life.

This weekend I'm going to buy the biggest bunch of Dahlia's I can find!

What's your favourite flower?