Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gratitude #9

This week has been slow moving, with little things happening here and there. But once I sit down and think about my week I begin to realise that there are so many things to be grateful for. You just have to slow down to notice them.

I'm grateful for the great community I have become apart of through blogging
For Tamara for starting #beautychallenge10, it has really helped me focus of how much I have and what I really need when it comes to skincare and make up. Waste not want not, is completely true.
For persevering with driving, I'm not a natural driver and I am constantly pushing myself to have that extra lesson when really, I'd love to go home and chill out.
For celebrating another friends hen do and meeting her lovely friends.
Connecting with new and interesting people.
For my Mum's home grown green beans.
For everything.


  1. Oh god, I totally agree with the driving thing... I have my third driving test in two weeks. Persevere indeed...

  2. I've been really enjoying seeing the Instagram posts of the Beauty Challenge :-) xx

  3. I passed my test third time so I say keep at and you will get there, although learning to drive is perhaps the most expensive thing ever! I am not joining in officially but am loving the beauty challenge pics and am working my way through my stash too :) Xx