Thursday, 21 August 2014

Practise gratitude for wellbeing

Ever since I started my weekly gratitude posts I have noticed something shift. I have noticed that I am better equipped at admiring the small details in life. I have not yet mastered the act of being right in that moment, right that second. But, being able to take time to reflect and just write down what pops into my head has been amazing. Almost trans-formative.

It's amazing what you remember when you take the time and it will make you smile, whether it be a big gesture or one of life's small pleasures, taking time to be grateful has improved my sense of wellbeing greatly.

When you become grateful for what is around you, for what already happens daily. There is so much to be grateful for. Even if I have had a rubbish day or I think I have had a boring week, sitting down and making myself think of the positive is just the medicine.

Remembering a great dinner, noticing flowers growing in odd places or not forgetting that you make your friend smile. Shows that gratitude is limitless, there is so much around to turn into a positive.

Your wellbeing is what you make it. If you feel sad, you are allowed to be sad, that's natural. But pick yourself up when you are ready and make a list of what you are grateful for. Write them down and keep them. Its great to reflect on past gratitude posts.

Making this apart of my lifestyle and practicing gratitude has allowed be to find some time to focus of my wellbeing and that is incredibly valuable in my opinion.

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