Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Ritz Tea List

Inspired by my tea experience when having Afternoon Tea at The Ritz, I wanted to explore their tea menu further so to pay homage to their list of teas. I am going to be tasting each one of them. They are of course not going to be the exact ones but I will be on the search for the very best/similar teas.

I love tea and I have not been buying much tea for a while so I thought that once a month I will purchase on of the following teas below and see if I like them. I'll also be looking it what healthy/wellbeing properties these tea may have.

Of course there are some teas that everyone has heard of but there are some up there that I have never tried. If you love tea as much as I do, I hope you will pick a new tea to try from the list. I'm not sure which tea I try first, all I know is that it will be one I never tasted before.

I'm excited. Are you excited? It's okay if you're not, I'm excited enough for both of us! EXCITE!


  1. Haha EXCITE! I need to branch out more and try different teas...I'm a total English breakfast addict and don't really try anything else other than the occasional lemon tea (I have only just got used to the taste!) I might try this too, looking forward to seeing how you get on trying new ones x

  2. I've been to the Ritz for a work event, the food was lovely and the atmosphere as well. I haven't had tea there yet though, but it must be something really magical! I like having a proper English tea experience, with the sandwiches and pastries.


  3. Hahaha, the excited bit made me giggle. I'm excited for you!!

    I have nominated you over on my blog for a liebster award, which is pretty much a cute idea set up for blogs that aren’t recognised enough, and provides a chance to chat about yourself and maybe find some new people to follow in the process! :) Head over to my post if you’re willing to join in, which I hope you do!
    I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday xxx

  4. What a great blog post. Enjoy trying out all the teas, i like me a bit of camomile myself.
    Renee x