Sunday, 14 September 2014

Al fresco Eggs and Bacon

 Recently we made the trip to Scotland for our dear friends wedding. The morning after we went for a chilled walk before the drive home. On our walk we found the perfect place to have our breakfast, Coffee House in Innerliethen.

Even though we were only just over the border the pace of life here seemed different. It may have been because it was the weekend, for the atmosphere was tranquil and the people happy and calm. The main street on the town is lined either side with high hills, topped with beautiful green trees.

I had made the conscious choice to have a tech break for the weekend, however I did allow my camera and I felt like recording this morning in photo's because I felt so chilled out and well, blissed. I was full of joy for my friends happiness, I had had a great night and I was with my love. This morning was good.

The landscape was incredible and we wished that we had more time to explore the surroundings. So wilth our journey home impending, we sat down outside and ordered breakfast.
Two bacon and egg on toast and a pot of tea for two.

Although the air was fresh and cool, the sun was out, so it was a pleasure to be sat outside and soak up the good morning feeling as much as possible. So we tucked into our delicious plates of food and sipped our tea, recounting stories from the wedding the night before and just nattering away about nothing happily. I don't eat a lot of red processed meat but after a night of dancing my feet off, I felt like an extra topping of bacon on my eggs and I have to say, it was yummy.

With our bellies full and our hearts happy we made our way home. Leaving this quiet quaint town behind us, hoping to return some day in the future.

p.s This was our view from where we were saying. Not the best photography but it was beautiful to wake up to and I appreciate it none the less!


  1. lovely photos liz! sounds like such a cute little place - just perfect to relax :) glad you had a great time as well! x
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    1. Thank you so much, it really was a lovely place and I am missing it already!