Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gratitiude #11

The blog has been quiet lately. A few tinges of guilt have passed through me, but I have moved on from it. This space is for me to share how I feel, and how I progress in my own wellbeing and life experiences. And the past few weeks have been a strange mixture of calm hectic excitement and making sure that I am fully in the present when being a part of it.

You see, a lot has been happening around me. Important events that I want to remember.


My best friend got married and it was an amazing day, to see her so happy and her now husband glowing with pride, filled me with an immense amount of joy. This was my fourth or fifth time being a bridesmaid, the first as an adult. I am so happy that I was able to experience it.

Before the wedding there were pre dinners, final wedding touches, and a girly night having our nails done.

I had to choose, do I blog or make sure I'm available, so with other commitments and a full time job, I chose to not blog as much. I have come out of it refreshed and less attached to having to post all the time.

I also wanted to catch up with family who had been traveling for a month. I now have a major travel itch that I need to scratch.

Next, two of my siblings started a new school year, at a new school. I am so lucky to see them grow up.

There has been baby news, friends moving in with boyfriends, couples moving to new houses.

And finally this past weekend we drove to rural Scotland to see two of our very good friends get married. It was peaceful and beautiful. The landscape was breath taking. Over the weekend, I didn't check twitter, facebook or the blog, I took in my surroundings and it felt good. It felt right.

Although none of these events were actually about me, they have filled me with happiness and gratitude. I have been busy with everyone else's business. It's not because I'm a nosy busy body, it's because these lovely wonderful people around me, want to share their lives with me. They want me to be a part of it. Part of their experience.

So I will be. I will be there at front cheering them on. Being present. Being mindful. Loving every second.

The feeling is immeasurable.

And I am full of gratitude for it.

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