Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Love yourself

“Love yourself enough to give a damn about looking your best. It’s all a sacred celebration.”

I love what Danielle LaPorte is saying here.

I saw this exactly when I needed to.

I don't wear makeup everyday. I don't feel like I need to, especially if i'm just going to work. I go out into the world dark circles, spots and all. I am able to say that I am confident enought in my own skin, which enables me to leave the house with out any slap.

What I have noticed is that even when I have on a touch of blush or concealer, I am more confident in how I present myself. In how I act, how I talk. I work in a customer facing job. Sometimes I think, should I be making more effort in  my appearance? Will that give me an air of authority because I have make up on? Will I look like I have it all under control at work, because I look put together within the image I'm presenting.

However if I were to go down that route, I wouldn't be doing it for myself. I would be dressing up to meet someone else's expectation. An imagined expectation that I have put on myself.

Sure, some people say I look tried, but I make sure that I dress professionally, I try not to look too scruffy. Maybe I will try to apply a bit of rouge in the morning, if it does happen it will be kept minimal. I know I love snoozing in my bed more than waking up early to put a full face of make up on!

A good skincare routine also gives me confidence. When I have taken the time in the morning and evening I feel great.

Consistency is key

I lack consistency.

If I am able to continue with a routine and I am feeling good in myself, everything else seems to be a bit easier. If something disrupts it, like a big life event, a holiday or sickness, I fall out of schedule and stop doing what I know benefits me.

Sometimes I have to force myself to get up and put eye cream on! I mean, I love eye cream but sometimes it just feels like an everest amount of effort.

But in the end it is all selfcare and self care is important. It is a celebration of yourself.

As long as you are celebrating yourself in your own little way. You don't need the make up or the elaborate skin care routine, if you don't want it. Maybe you just need to put of a favourite top or scarf. These little things with help you to feel your best and hold your head high up for the day.

Maybe it can be singing your favourite song in the shower or on the drive to work. Making the most of your self is a daily opportunity. It can become a daily occurrence.

So whether you wear make up or not. Do something that makes yourself feel your best and smile.


  1. I also struggle with the question of makeup or not. In a way, I also feel good that I can just go out without anything on and just let it be. Or another side, I love makeup and usually the days I don't wear it is usually because i just can't be ar*ed. And that is what gets me down really, not showing up ready for the outside world.


  2. You always write such thought provoking posts which I enjoy reading but I'm useless at writing comments lol x