Monday, 15 September 2014

No Sugar, No Limits. Three Meals with Provamel

 Whether you are vegan, dairy-free or just trying to be a bit healthier. Sometimes you just miss the decadence of a creamy dessert, dip or dinner. I have to say i was getting a bit moody with my search for a decent tasting yogurt. But after reading Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar", I hated how much sugar was in yogurts, let alone most dairy free yogurts currently on offer.

Here is where Provamel comes in, with the launch of their new sugar free soya yogurt, Provamel Zero Sugars. It has a savory taste so it can be used in both cooking and baking. So yes, I was sent some to try and I went for it whole hog. Provamel has also brought out a yogurt sweetened with agave syrup.

So even though I am limiting my sugar, the agave sweetened yogurt became the perfect treat when mixed with chia seeds, left over night, turning it into the most delicious, just sweet enough chia pudding. It was the yummy treat that topped my muselli. It is also great when simply topped with fresh fruit.

I incorporated the sugar free soya yogurt into two of our dinners for the past week. The first was a falafel wrap with a tangy vegan tzatziki dip.

For more than enough for two, you will need.

1 cup of Provamel zero sugars
About half or one whole cucumber diced.
half a clove of garlic minced.
A dash of good olive oil
A generous squeeze of lemon juice
Chopped mint and dill , as much as you like!
Salt and pepper to taste

All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and enjoy it!

This turned out so tasty. The boyfriend even declared that it was on par with what he buys on the regular (the stuff I can't eat), so I take that as a success! It has a great cooling contrast when mixed with some spicy falafel.

A few nights later it was curry night. As i'm not a Deliah in the kitchen, I took direct inspiration from the recipe section on Provamel's website. Vegetable Curry it was!

For a Vegetable Curry for two, you will need.

350g Potatoes (par boiled)
2 tbsp of olive oil
Half of an onion, finely chopped.
Two tablespoons of your favourite curry paste
A can of chopped tomatoes
A small cauliflower (get a good mix of small and chunky bits0
100g of chickpeas
A giant handful of delicious spinach

The how to:

After you have heated the oil in your pan
Cook the onion with your curry paste, until it is all combined
Add the cauliflower and tinned tomatoes to the pan and cover
Mix in your chickpea, potatoes and spinach, cook for a further 15 minutes.

Serve with the option to stir in some yogurt. We both ended up adding some of the yogurt and it made the curry's texture even richer.

You can get hold of Provamel from Holland and Barret and other health food stores. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it in supermarkets. I would still go looking for it else where, just because it is currently the only yogurt that is actually, genuinely sugar free.

I was sent the yogurt to try, have fun and make some new recipes. All opinions are always my own and I will soon be on the hunt for more because I want to bake with it as well!


  1. Oh my - that wrap looks ah-mazing! I like mixing yogurt with garlic and chives for a dip or crumble blue cheese into it and leave it overnight for a burger sauce. X

    1. It was very tasty. I love a good wrap! I can't eat cheese but I'm sure that my boyfriend would appreciate that burger sauce, he loves blue cheese! x

  2. That vegetable curry looks good. I don't tend to have Provamel products but Alpro (their sister company) is a stable in my life. I will have to look at this one as finding a savoury dairy free replacement is difficult and as you have demonstrated this is great for cooking :)

    1. It was really yummy, i hope you will give it ago. I don't normally go for cauliflower in my curry. it really worked and kept it's crunch.

  3. Ooh that wrap looks so yum! I like spicy wraps but I have to have some sort of cooling sauce inside like sour cream or mayo, this sounds perfect!

    1. I'm the same, a cooling dip is the way forward when you want some spice! This works so well with veggie sticks to dip as well!

  4. Thanks for sharing - these all look really tasty :) I've been considering reading "I quit sugar" for a while but never got round to it! Its sounds like its well worth it though so maybe I will have to make a bit of time...