Thursday, 4 September 2014

what is beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when I think of beauty I think of,
fields full of flowers
dense forests
white tipped mountains
stunning architecture
blue skies

When I think of beauty I think of,
healthy hair
bright eyes
a great smile
standing tall
a bold laugh

Beauty, and what we think is beautiful can often change. Attaining beauty is as simple was appreciating nature or your current landscape. It's accepting what you have and appreciating it. It's working with what you have got, because it is fabulous.

Beautiful is
what ever you want it to be

Whether that be, an awesome outfit, your photography projects, winged eyeliner, hair curled to perfection, noticing the fluffy clouds over head. It's having the knowledge that everything is and can be, indeed beautiful.

Anyone who tells you differently, can't see that yet.


  1. I've been pondering recently if you have to be beautiful to be a (popular) beauty blogger? I think if somebody like zoella or vivianna does makeup had super serious acne, huge thick prescription glasses that give you moon eyes and a lisp or something (I was trying to think of "ugly" things but feel so mean!) they wouldn't have the level success? People are drawn to beautiful people and the less traditionally beautiful people are not as successful? (in beauty blogging anyway haha)
    what do you think?

    1. Hi Annabel, thank you for your comment. it is indeed easy to say that yes being traditionally beautiful helps. But isn't it time that always having to being traditional stopped? Isn't it boring? I struggled for a long time, I used to constantly compare myself to others. Then I realised that, I should be working on looking like me. So, i try to focus on what I do like and if what I don't still bothers be then I may work out, or try new skincare, or indulge in a new hobby etc.
      I would hope that in today's society, that variety can still be the spice of life. I watch and read other content created by talented, amazing people who may not feel beautiful but I see beauty in what they do and who they are. If they had spots and a product helped them clear it up, I would take more notice in what they had to say. If someone wrote about their personal experience of talking with a lisp, I would take the time to read what they had to share. Blogging is a chance for us all to share a different perspective. And I think that in it's self is beautiful.

      Simply put, no. I don't think you have to be typically beautiful to be popular. But it would nice if they had a great personality, were friendly and had a great message and work ethic. Is that too much to ask? xx