Monday, 6 October 2014

An ode to Tea

An ode to Tea, my favourite beverage,

I had tried to write a poem but I'm affriad my rhyming is not it's best.

So instead I wrote this, just for fun. With all the seriousness, of course.

I love a welcoming mug in the morning
Standard builders is often the way
Green tea is delicious
A herbal refresher is a delight
I love that chai can bring you snuggly comfort
A hug in a mug
Lemon brings a zing
Some tea tastes like dessert
Some taste like popouri
I love tea
Tea , I have to leave you until you are just right , I can't drink you right out the pot
Rasberry iced tea, I don't drink you enough, but I love you. remember that
Tea in comfort
Tea in celebration
Tea for a chat
Peppermint tea for after dinner
Camomile to chill out
Turkish apple tea when I'm feeling fancy
Tea to break the ice
Tea at a mr scruff gig.
Tea at lunch
Tea to relax
A Caffeine fixer, decaff elixir
What ever you fancy, theres one for you.
Unless your my friend who hates hot drinks with a passion!
But then if that's the case, there always sweet iced tea!



  1. TEA! haha I love tea but you must love it so much to write it a poem ;) x

    1. I have come to realise that tea is very important in my life and i felt the world had to know it!

  2. Oh yeah, an ode to tea! :) I'm also a massive fan of tea!<3 xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Go make yourself a lovely cuppa! x

  3. I LOVE THIS! Long live the tea praise!
    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin