Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stop Feeling Inadequate

Sometimes, and yes, I know I have written something similar before. But sometimes.
A sneaky voice comes over me, pestering me.

"you're not good enough"

Feeling inadequate.

It's mainly happens when meeting new people. Something I had to do recently.
I compare. I analyse. I over think. Stop feeling inadequate.

I am the one making myself feel this way.

I worry

I worry that I don't fit in, that I can't come across as I'd like. I worry that when people meet me, all they will notice is that I've quite goofy and come across as a flake.
That they wouldn't take me seriously.

In these situations I just have to remain quiet for a few minutes come back to myself and think. You are here now, just enjoy yourself.

You could spend you whole existence worrying about each movement, gesture, sentence. Worrying that someone wont like it.
That they wont like you.

You have to just push through it. Of course it would be a shame if they didn't like you. But at least you have given them an honest representation of yourself. Yes, you could say that, then you know that they don't like you for being you. But isn't it better to be truthful to yourself?
Be yourself and then there's no pretense. 
There is no second guessing.

Calm down and become okay with how you naturally behave. Once you begin building on your confidence, you will feel more comfortable when you are next in a new social situation.

Once you are more comfortable in your own skin and accept how you are, that comfort will come across when meeting new people. You will feel at ease and things will flow more easily.

You'll be fine.
You are good enough.
It will be great, I promise.


  1. One of our singers in Quebec has a song in French, it's called "Chante Marie-Mai" which means Sing, Marie-Mai. It's about how she made it in a singing reality show but she was scared, and then she just goes for it. One sentence can be translated as : Forget about what others think about you, others just think about themselves". I think about this when I'm too self conscious!

    1. Stephanie, thank you for sharing that with me. I think it is important to know that we are all a bit self conscious and no one is noticing what you have been worrying about! I cannot speak French. But I may try and find the song to have a little listen! x

  2. Chummmyyyy :D I love you! And are not goofy or a flake :) xxx

    1. Thanks old chum, even though this has been written through my perspective its meant o help anyone who is worried about being themselves. And point proven because I am a good and a flake and you didn't even notice! xx

  3. Such a lovely post - so many things said that more people need to be reminded to do!
    Well done you!