Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

For when you want some green tea with an extra kick, I'd say get some matcha.
I've tried matcha before as it is said to be jammed pack full of antioxidants, much more than their regular counterpart. This Pure Chimp Super Matcha Green Tea comes in a cute 50g jar (priced at £14.95) . I like this because there is no extra packagaing waste and looks great tucked away in the cupboard. The leaves are so finally ground that when you make your green brew, the leaves dissolve into a light green colour.

 What they say:

Our super tea also helps to reduce redness in your skin. 137x antioxidants of regular green tea.
Raise energy for up to 6 hours, helps with weight loss.
The taste is unavoidably green, slightly stronger than green tea, but still smooth in taste. It's not bitter, it just tastes like green tea with a bit more welly. It you already like green tea, I'm sure you will like matcha. It is so easy to make a cuppa with this, it's even quicker than waiting for your teabag to brew.Which is great for when your are in a crunch for time. The only negative when using loose ground tea leaves, is that the few leaves left that have not dissolved sink to the bottom of your mug but that is easily fixed with a quick stir of a spoon.

When I fancy a builders tea in the morning and still want a matcha fix, I have been popping 1/2 a teaspoon in my green smoothie. I can tell when I've added this to my smoothie mix, the caffeine kick is always welcome at 6.30am!

Have tried some matcha yet? You could be a matcha made in heaven!

* Pure Chimp sent me some tea to try, all of my opinions are my own.


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