Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wellbeing // What does wellbeing mean to you?

 Today we get to gain some insight into how a very cool green juice chugging lady called Claire thinks about wellbeing and how it applies to her lifestyle. From reading her thoughts, I feel that we think along the same wave length that yes, eating whole foods and as clean as possible is best but eating a pizza here and there isn't going to hurt. It not even indulgence, it's balance. And that is awesome to hear because Claire is actually a Nutritionist in training. So that means pizza chased with green juices for all! (or not). Enjoy..

 To me wellbeing means.....

Feeling your very best every single day.  To me wellbeing is all about you.  So it is changing 
your lifestyle to make it the healthiest it can be.  For some that may mean being a tee total super runner yogi raw vegan, but for me it is finding a balance between giving my body and mind what it needs and deserves.

I don't binge drink, but I do have a glass of wine on occasion or some fizz to celebrate a special occasion.  I don't generally eat pizza on a Monday, but if it is a friends birthday then I will happily celebrate at a pizza restaurant with them any day of the week!  I exercise daily, but if I go out on a run and my body isn't feeling it, I will respect that and try again the next day.

Wellbeing means commitment to yourself.  It means mental strength and determination.  But is also means satisfaction, happiness and self-love that you have nourished and cared for your body to the best of your ability.

My wellbeing mission is for people to realise that being 'healthy' does not have to be all or nothing, and that it does not need to take over people's lives.  I want to show people that making small changes will help you feel at
 your very best every single day.  And gradually these small changes become habits that are engrained in your life and you wouldn't even consider eating a Mars Bar because you know it would make you feel so bloody awful (true story).

I want people to fall in love with food again.  It is so sad that people (
especially women) spend the majority of their lives feeling guilty for eating and hating their bodies.  I want to show people that they can eat healthily, feel good about themselves and their bodies and for it to taste a MILLION times better than the bad food which forms a part of our daily life.  

As part of my wellbeing mission I am currently working with Jack Beanstalk Juice to open a juice bar in Balham.  We want the juice bar to be an educational hub where the local community can come to learn about how to make their lives that little bit healthier.  And there will, of course, be great juices and healthy treats such as raw chocolate, energy balls etc


 As we are a start up business we are crowdfunding to show our prospective landlord that we have community support and that people want an educational juice bar in Balham.  For more information on what we are about please see our crowdfunder website ( and if you can pledge it will make all the difference to getting our wellbeing mission into action!!


Claire is a qualified commercial lawyer who has quit the city life to study Nutrition and Naturopathy.  She loves running (5 marathons in) and Bikram yoga  and her blue boy Alan, who you see numerous pictures of on her blog, as he is the name sake. (I love him!)

Please check out here awesome blog The Healthy Blue Bird you will find allsorts of posts ranging from of course juice, along with raw chocolate treats, running posts and more. Add her on twitter here

P.s watch the crowdfunding video even it be just for the awesome song and the cute kids at the end! 


  1. LOVED this. So very interesting, as are all your lovely posts :-) xx

  2. Ahhh this is such a great post! Off to have a look at Claire's crowdfunder :D