Friday, 17 October 2014

Who do I / What do I write for ?

With all the blog talk I see flying around about building a community, being present and having an audience. Knowing your niche.

I start to get a massive headache.

As my blog focused on wellbeing and lifestyle you could easily say that that is my niche. And yes it is my main field of interest, it is what is important to me, I am passionate about it. So I chose to create a space to write about it. I try not to get consumed with constantly thinking is this right? I want it to grow organically. If, in someone else's opinion it is wrong to not be thinking of my blog as a brand or business. That's okay because essentially, I write for myself. I began this blog for myself.

I write for me.....

The women who wants to feel whole
To feel confident in her actions
To know she is doing her best
To know that mistakes are okay
To believe in her self
To accept there is no right way

I write for.....

The women who wants stability
She wants to create a home in her heart
She wants to create little practices each day
She wants routine
She craves adventure
She loves food
She loved to eat
She loves to dance

If that happens to also be you or someone else reading out there. GREAT.

I want to write for anyone out there who has their own thoughts of wellbeing, life, beauty and anything else that falls into being part of daily life.

A life filled with comfort and steady happiness. A life with wellbeing as a daily focus.

I write to find a community of people who feel the same way.

I want to share techniques and share experiences, I want to write pieces that inspire and settle in someone's core and brings them comfort.

So I'm writing for myself , for you, for anyone who will stop by and listen. I write to connect.

To connect with my thoughts
My world
My present
My future.

I don't want to be consumed with worrying if my niche is right or if my brand okay. I don't want to be my brand, I don't particularly wont the pressure.. I want my words to be the focus. Not how I look. How I look shouldn't matter. Sometimes I feel that if you are focus on making your blog like a business you loose the reason you started. If you are so focused on being the right niche/brand are you really going to be focussed on being yourself? Are you going to be happy to just sit down and see where writing takes you or are you going to be more worried about the views it gets?

What matters is that I have been writing for a while and have found people through it who share similar views or who are happy to discuss completely different ones. We connect and start to explore each others blogs. Our thoughts, our likes and dislikes. If the outcome of staying true and authentic builds a wellmeaningbeing community and I get to know my "audience" then that is fantastic.

However, right now I write for every single person who reads this blog as an individual. I write with feeling.

I am my own person.

I write for that.


  1. I think you can definitely tell, all the time, that you write whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want to have a break, you do. It's important to take care of yourself & how you're feeling and write about things you're passionate about. Not just writing because you feel you need to. Keep it up chummy xx

  2. I think I mainly write for myself and then I am fortunate to have followers who have the same interests and like reading and leaving comments, that's the bonus for me. I rarely look at stats or numbers :)