Monday, 10 November 2014

Fallen Leaves : An Autumnal Reflection

I love Autumn.

I love hot drinks, scraves, jackets and boots. I was made for Autumn. (and winter)
It is also a season where I begin to think of the year ahead. As the leaves begin to fall making way for new ones, it symbolises that change is just around the corner.

The summer sun has faded, replaced with the crisp autumnal wind. I always find myself reflecting on what has happened in the past months and then happily look forward.

With time, new things will begin to blossom, it's time to start planning.

Not strict omg what am going to with my whole year? Instead it is time to start thinking about things you want to accomplish and experiences you may want to have the following year.

As we begin to hibernate during the winter months, wouldn't it be great to have some proverbial nuts squirrelled away.

Nuts? I hear you say. Stick with me.

Yes, little bits and pieces that keep you merrily occupied and motivated in the winter month. To keep the inspiration following.

Here is what I'm planning to do:

I am going make more time to read. I find reading lets my imagine run wild and I benefit from it creatively.

I am going to work on my fitness. It's time to become aware of my body and establish healthy, active habits.

I am going to make sure I eat at least 7 vegan meals a week. I not vegan, but having this in mind helps keeps me be creative in the kitchen and I don't enjoy eating lots of meat anyway.

I want to learn a new skill or topic. I'm not sure what, but I will learn something new! I want to be confident in myself and my abilities.

I am going to save for a holiday next year. Looking forward to some sunshine, will keep the dull winter days from bringing me down.

Having these actions in mind will keep me on track and benefit my own personal wellbeing and hopefully those around me.

I looking forward to it already!

What are your plans for Winter? For the new year?

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